Two Witnesses 

In the court of "true justice" the accounts, records, testimonies, and arguments of both sides in the case are exposed and weighed. After all has been revealed, the jury makes a decision and the judge discloses judgement.

In the prophecies concerning "The Last Days" of an old world, books are opened, secrets are revealed, and mysteries are made known. (secrets and mysteries: Daniel chapters 2 , 7, and 12, Ephesians chapter 3,  Revelation chapter 10)

An analytical and scholarly mind needs "proof" before belief, which is why "books" are opened that contain the records, and Along with those books the Testimony of atleast 2 or more is required. This is one of the most universal laws concerning any court case in the physical and spiritual worlds. The Testimony of atleast Two Eye Witnesses along with the books (evidence records) are to make any case solidified under the Law of Truth and fact.  (Deuteronomy 17:6; Hebrews 10:28)

I know of a profound case that happened 16 years ago within the span of 7 years (2001 - 2008) approximately. 

Two men had been ministers within a religious order, and sometime within those 7 years had began to speak out against the hypocrisy and misdealings among their own religious order.

In that same time period they prophesied about the coming Rightful heir of The Earth as the king of kings who would put all other governments and powers in the Earth to their end. These two men jointly also condemned government entities, secret societies, corporations, religions, and all other manmade structures that had taken part in the construction of the idolatrous system humans have come to be enslaved within.

When these two men met, they were drawn together by strange phenomena, and they could not deny the pull to "The Lord of The Earth".

There was even a time when they both were drawn simultaneously to just an image of The Master without knowing that they both though at miles apart distance were seeing the same image. There were many situations like this that called them to the uniqueness of "The Testimony" they would have as The Two Witnesses foretold within prophecy. 

History of Two:

Refer to Zechariah chapters 3-4, Daniel chapter 12, Mark chapter 10, Mathew chapter 17, and Revelation chapters 10-11, take note of the "Two". They have been within the entire narrative all throughout the biblical record but possibly also in the ancient records of other cultural omens. 

In the days of Moses and when the "uncivilized people" had to make civilization again, they were commanded to make laws that would require the testimony of atleast two eye witnesses before any charges for or against anyone and a case could become valid.

When the Two Witnesses are returned into the modern world they arrived about 16 years ago to meet The Return of The Lord of The Earth. 

The "Lord of Earth" was in his glorious attire and yet also able to put back on the form of mankind. Since matter is energy, his human nature has always also been his divine nature.

Then the Two were "taken into a cloud" orb in a mountainous area, this cloud upon the mountain was thick as stone but the cloud was glowing red like from coals of a fire within it.

Unlike the mist of fog, this orb cloud encased them but had space between them and itself, as if the orb were a vessel.

Within this cloud vessel these Two men were "changed" never to be the same kind of creatures they knew before. Because of the role that they have within the Last Days their bodies are teetering the precipice of existence. These two men are real but not real, they exist but they do not exist, they have form, but are without form. They are mind projections of their Maker, bordered by their role which is dedicated to "The Lord of The Earth". The Lord of The Earth uses them as his tools now and in future work as New Earth and New Heaven powers.

The Two Witnesses are called such because they have always witnessed together The Lord of The Earth at work. These Two are "His Eye Witnesses" both since mankind's beginning and into the Last Days of mankind's rule in the Earth. 
Allegorically, the sun and moon are The Two luminaries of God that have witnessed all He has made on Earth. These two luminaries or lamps also illuminate the inner sanctuary of the physical-spiritual reality where The Reapers and mankind meet. (Two lampstands within the temple meeting place)

The Lord of The Earth has an administration composed of Reapers (angelic attendants) AND human sharers to bring about a New Earth and New Heaven. These sharers of his administration are called to answer the Testimony of The Two Witnesses and to also prepare mankind for The Last Day of mankind's paradigm structure. Because The Two Witnesses are in the Earth as well as The Lord of The Earth that administration is also on Earth although it simultaneously accesses the spiritual worlds. Though on Earth, unlike the old governments, this new government does not allow idols or the worship of humankind, angelic kind, or of anything. Even the Two Winesses and Lord of The Earth himself are forbidden to worship, doing so would entice The wrath of The Most High. This is also why Jesus warned his pupils past and future to not be led away to chase after any "false Christs" or stories that He had returned, because all of these pursuits to Jesus would create the exact idolatry he had forbidden. Jesus never ever asked or commanded his disciples to worship him, though many would-be followers later have done the exact opposite of what he warned against. The Lord of The Earth is here, but his presence is not contained on his skin, in his hair, or under his feet, His Presence is The ACTION of the Unveiling of The new Government itself. We know it has arrived because one of its first actions is the dismantling and annihilation of the old paradigm. Like the master, his two witnesses are not idols but they are tools of THE Unveiling (Physical-Spirt) that they along with armies of Reapers are fully engaged.

Some insightful people within the old governments are aware of their presence and are preparing for the mandates coming into the world from the new government. Since all governments are really God-made because no power can rule without God's say so, that means that The Creator has His hands in both sides orchestrating the inevitable described in Daniel chapter 2:44 and in Daniel chapter 7 as the prophecy says that The power and authority of all governments is handed to those He has called His "holy ones" or sons of Light.

The Remnant (those remaining concerning the Testimony):

According to the scrolls, in particular Daniel chapter 12 and even The Hopi Native prophecy concerning the last age...
A relatively small group is privy to having been near those "Two Witnesses" that Daniel sees speaking with the angel near the river in the prophecy... 
Look closely at Daniel 12. In this prophecy, BEFORE The Reapers remove The Veil, many who have died and those still living in the Last age (Last Days) are among the remaining who are accountable to the witness they both heard and saw. Like the Hebrew nation, these souls were separated from the other nations and made captive in a foreign world (land); within them they hold a mysterious secret that all nations of all tribes have had glimpses of. It is that remaining people of long ago that are alive during The Last Days that are near those Witnesses of The Lord of The Earth. Like Daniel, his people were in the "midst" of angelic powers that were wrestling with the "Princes of those foreign governments". The Princes as they are called are spiritual powers that govern territories, and we call These Princes "Rulers of the dark places and Fallen sons". 
The accountability that the remnant has is not the same as the entire world of mankind, in fact, they hold an accountability that makes them have to take a stand within The court of The Most High during The last Days. The Universal will ask of them, "What dealings did they have concerning The Testimony they both heard and saw.?" That Testimony is the exact measurement used in the inspection and administration of The Reapers along with the new Government. Because a Testimony validates facts presented, all who make an accounting affect the billions of humans who had no idea concerning the matter on judgement. This is why Jesus told the religious leaders of his day, that their harshness, cruelty, and denial of truth had made them GUILTY for every murder since that of Abel all the way until the last murder to occur on Earth! 
The ACCOUNTABILITY is why only a remnant actually knows who The Two Witnesses really are. The Creator is merciful and does not hold to the same account people who have no idea or responsibility concerning The Testimony that The Master and Lord of The Earth has arrived to administer a New Government and usher in a New Heaven and New Earth. This Testimony is the weight and scale of all justice, this is the same justice that makes a father accountable to the fate of his entire family, and how a tribal leader must answer for the fate of his entire tribe, and how any leader is responsible for the fate of the people in whom they govern. This is universal law, unchangeable!

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