The "higher becoming" cannot be found anywhere else but "here". If it were located in a past or future it would only be realized as still a moment of now. If we exist in a future life, the "being" is realized then. If we exist in a past life, the being is realized then. If we do not exist in a future or past life, The Being exists Now, here. 

The truth is that, The Being is only realized Now, Here. There is no past or future Being, higher or lower. If The Being is eternal, it is still only Now. If The Being is temporal, it is still Only Now. 

Time has nothing to do with The Being. Death has nothing to do with The Being, birth has nothing to do with The Being. The Being does not know death, it does not know birth, it does not know time, it only knows Now, This Presence. We could call the realization of Now "The Higher Becoming" itself. What we choose to Be-come is in this Now and it has created a "past and a future"...

"I AM The Being that has no cause, I cause The Be-coming That I AM. Because I cause and am also The Being, I Become what I Cause and all that is I have created from my Becoming." - Jah

   By Crow-No Face Corwyn Jones 2024