Accessing The Now (Being) is shrouded in too much mystery and new age philosophy. It is actually the most obvious phenomenon that occurs when we stop thinking we "know".

It is said that the wise know that they truly know nothing and the fool imagines that they know much.

Listening is not just the function of ears receiving signals to the brain, listening in its truest sense is feeling through the heart, through all 5 senses and through the entire body.

We may think we are listening, when in reality we are probably mostly just "hearing". We often already have ideas, words, sentences, thoughts, conceptions already formed that will not allow true listening to manifest.

When we are praying or speaking our "spells" which are what words are as "spellings", we are releasing our vital energy into the world and cosmic atmosphere. When we are "listening" deeply we are receiving and taking in Real Power. We are being taught and trained into the deep things of God, The Universal.

Listening is one of the most profound spiritual practices, if we are listening without any preconceived concepts or ego identifications. When our proverbial cup is empty, it can be filled, and when it has no bottom and no lid it is always receptive and growing...

The ancient prophets and seers encouraged us to pray incessantly, the New prophets encourage us to LISTEN incessantly. By both releasing AND especially by receiving we commune with all that is, with truth, with God, with the entire cosmic order.  

 With gratitude and humble obedience to my mentors and allies.

   By Crow-No Face Corwyn Jones 2024