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Greetings My name is Corwyn,
I began writing poetry at the age of 16 and I have been writing ever since then; I have hundreds of pieces of poetry but fewer that are published. I also write other kinds of things along the lines of instruction manuals and metaphysical studies.  
Through much pain and trial I have come to value the wise teachings I once resented, along the way I have experienced other things that have deepened my appreciation and submissiveness to all that must be unknown and respected.  In my honest opinion, humans share a deep commonality that has no choice but to evolve within and through us, it is our inheritance to transfigure, transform, and to transcend  into "A Great Being".

I enjoy anything that has to do with abiding peacefully with nature, I enjoy many genres of music and film. I am a businessman and entrepreneur. I enjoy practicing ancient methods of body-mind cultivation and daily exercise. I have no religious affiliation or political views.
I honor and appreciate the many teachers and mentors who have helped me to nurture my truest self.

To me, the attributes of power, will, peace, healing, love, wisdom, patience, courage, and oneness are not only powerful virtues, but tremendous forces the true warrior learns to embody.

My poetry books and other writings can be found on Amazon.com in both print and on Kindle. 

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