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My name is Corwyn R. Jones, I am the owner of this website and its content, thank you so much for coming to visit.
About myself briefly: 
I was born in Shreveport, Louisiana and I grew up in Dallas, Texas, I moved out to west Texas much later to work in the oil field.  I now reside in south central Texas working as a technician for an environmental company as my daily work. 
I come from strong values and teachings growing up, and yet I have probably broken every rule I was told to obey through the mechanism of growing-up.
I began writing poetry at the age of 16 and I have been writing ever since then; I have hundreds of pieces of poetry but fewer that are published. I also write other kinds of things along the lines of instruction manuals and metaphysical studies.  
Through much pain and trial I have come to value those wise teachings I once resented, along the way I have experienced other things that have deepened my appreciation and submissiveness to all that must be unknown and respected. 

I enjoy anything that has to do with abiding peacefully with nature, I enjoy many genres of music and film. I am a businessman and entrepreneur. I enjoy practicing ancient methods of body-mind cultivation and daily exercise. I have no religious affiliation or political views.
My thinking on many things seems a bit outside of the perimeters of the mainstream population. I honor them and I am grateful to the many teachers and mentors who have helped me to nurture my truest self within the ways of my ancient origin. 

I named this website "poet and warrior" because I am a poet and also a warrior; I am a poet in a non traditional sense, and I am also a warrior in the non traditional concept of a warrior and the code we embody. 
To me, the attributes of power, will, peace, healing, love, wisdom, patience, courage, and oneness are not only powerful virtues, but tremendous forces the true warrior learns to embody.

In this website you will find  some of my writings posted like "Interview with a Corpse" and others as I add them. On this website you will also find the latest released e-book entitled "The Metamorphosis". My first poetry book entitled "Reflections of Light" can be found on Amazon, just google Corwyn R. Jones and the title of that book.
I hope that you will support my undertakings in this art by purchasing a copy of The Metamorphosis, and if you enjoy it please tell others to visit this website also!!! 
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