The Reapers

They Soar upon wings of awareness, on knowing, on seeing the unseen, they fly high and they fly low, they fly within and without, they access the inaccessible, they are guards and servants of the sacred spaces...

The ones made just a little bit higher than mankind, given names by The Most High and labeled by the most low, these angelic ones.

To separate the desirable from the undesirable, The Reapers must spread the field wide, they must uncover the covered, and unveil the hidden things of Earth, flesh, and spirit. How so? They will pull out the things that people have tried to overlay in pretentious orders called religion, politics, traditions, and self-entitled lifestyles.

Dragging, kicking, and screaming will not do any good, there is no place to hide, even within the furthest of caves or the deepest of holes. The Reapers will seek and will find; The Creator has determined The Earth worthy of inspection. 
No wicked intention will survive, all that hides must be torn and exposed into the light, left to burn into The void.

How can a human say such things? Even if the man should stay quiet concerning the truth, the stones will speak, the walls will cry-out, the wind will howl it. "A prophet is honored abroad, but not in their home territory."

Sons of fire, cloud, and lightning, stretch out the sea and land and make everything creep to the surface! Make all things and persons know the inescapable!

Bring down all of the idols, walls of paint, closets of secrets, and books of wicked crafts! 
Release The wrath of The Most High! Then rescue the humble and meek who yearn for A New Earth, A New Heaven, and a New Heart of mankind!

By Crow-No Face, Corwyn Jones copyright 2024