True Law 

People have various interpretations of what's right vs what's wrong or what is lawful and unlawful, and most of these interpretations are conditioned based on cultural traditions, belief systems, and societal norms.

Ancient books like the Bible have what is called "inspirational interpretation" or inspired word. This basically means that the writer(s) felt divinely enlightened to write whatever they wrote or spoke.

It doesn't really matter which culture, which religion, or which belief system, most humans have a "system of law" based on their interpretations of right and wrong, good and bad, or law. The books they write are records of the said laws they adhere to and the principles that are connected to those laws.
The main issue humankind has always had is the validity of law based on reality or truth.
We may think that books written thousands of years ago still hold the test of time in whatever current era, but we might want to look closer.

Anything that is true, if it is rooted in universal principle will remain true no matter what civilization or world comes and goes, those truths do not require belief systems. A universal truth is a "law" that has no biases or agenda according to any ego identifications.

Universal truths are substantial because they are the actual substance of the cosmic design. They are valid because they can be tested to reality, to what is.

Some biblical narratives were likely misinterpreted, manipulated by hierarchical structures, and wicked agendas, but there are also truths and principles that shine through no matter what kind of manipulations and machinations are at work. This includes the narratives of any ancient and modern records and books of law.

A road map that was relevant 30 years ago most likely is not fully relevant today especially if New roads, landmarks, and construction has taken place over that span of time. In the same reality, some things recorded as law thousands of years ago may no longer hold relevance in a modern society with various changes in human biology, human relationships, atmospheric changes, and the list goes on. The Universal truths like "Love is Almighty", "treat others as you want to be treated", love self and others, "apply justice in all things", "be merciful to the merciful" etc... are All universal principles and laws that will never change because they are the substance of the Creation itself. These laws will shine through no matter what books, what systems, and what paradigms mankind may construct and deconstruct.

There is an ancient prophecy that states that God will eventually write the laws of truth upon the hearts of human beings and that the stone tablets and books that once recorded laws would become obsolete. This is the prophetic secret of divine union that has always been present in mankind though veiled within the Conscience that must eventually become Conscious.
The True Law!

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