The Return of The Master

At first glance of this title "Return of The Master", our assumptions may take us on a wild ride that is full of past experiences and old worn out traditions. 

In the context of this article, "The Master" is no other than Life Itself, Existence, Consciousness, Light, Awareness, Spirit, or if it better suits you, you can call it "God", Christ, Buddha the awakened and so on.
No name you adhere to it will change its nature and quality. Our traditional beliefs, our religions, and dogmas all play a part in how we perceive these terms.

No path, like Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and even the path of "atheism" has a fingerprint or ownership on truth. Truth is undeniable in reality, in fact, and in logic. No manmade systems can detain or restrain truth, no manmade organizations or temples can enclose "God". No dogmas or human interpretations and perceptions can encase reality.

"The Master" in context here is referred to that state of Awareness and reality that shines through a vessel, that uses an act of its own creation to affect all The Earth.
Liken the sun and moon, they are vessels of Light, as the sun emanates light and the moon reflects that light, and they both illuminate The entire Earth in the day and in the night and we call them in an ancient tongue "The Two Luminaries" of God.

In the same way, "The Master" vessel is used by The cosmic order to unveil and illuminate all The Earth with The cosmic plan.
Since all of the Earth is already a manifestation of cosmic divinity, it can't be enhanced by "The Master", but its trauma and pain especially among mankind can and will be healed in the Unveiling of The Universal order.

The Master is also called in some ancient scrolls as "Lord of the Earth". This term means that this vessel is stationed in a position to inspect, heal, and administer appropriate mandates for "A New Earth and New Heavens". The New Earth and New heavens respectfully mean a revitalized and clean physical and spiritual habitat.

No matter what religion one adheres to or even the absence of any religion or belief system, only one "Master of masters" is respected universally as The Lord of Earth.
Where we get confused among "the new age" paradigm is that ego negation aka humility and surrender into vast consciousness means that "all persons" are Christ the anointed one or the "master". This is correct to an extent. What is incorrect is the assumption that "A vessel" is unnecessary or even impractical. 
The irony of the new age philosophy that we are ALL CHRIST, is the assertion that "I AM Christ too", that " I am special too", which again is correct, but it is also the solidification of the ego and not the negation of it. We want our cake and eat it too, which is fine, but it becomes problematic when we want to both realize vastness as God consciousness and at the same time assert "a self". It takes both trust and surrender to be led instead of leader.

We do not assert our "God given" or birth right over the sun's obvious role to support our human existence. In the same way, we do not assert our right to exist as "cocreators" over "The Master's" obvious role as Lord of The Earth. 
If by now you are wondering, "well who is This vessel Master and Lord of Earth?." We will be clear, it is The same Yeshua aka Jesus energy signature that was, is, and will be, the same vessel that is here and Unveiling itself. All real masters are aware of this creation in the cosmic order, and all give homepage and honor to it, but the followers of these same masters either go to the extremes of idolizing Jesus or treating as ordinary his role. The real Jesus NEVER ever taught creature worship or idolatry of himself or others. He invited the believers to become SHARERS in his glory or human divinity. His message... "Follow me, don't worship me."
To be human divinity is no other than Cosmic or "God union". For the less religious minded, the universal awareness that all is non dual existence is the same meaning that "God union" is. No different. 

Jesus, the Christ as Lord of Earth among many SHARERS in his glory is leading the federation or government that ushers in The New Earth and New Heaven paradigm. Daniel 2:44

The idea that Jesus is only invisible and brings this Unveiling from an invisible palace among the stars is an incorrect interpretation of the reality. 

The real government or homoluminous power that is incoming does not rule from outer space, but it is present, alive, and here in The Earth. The Hopi Natives had a similar prophecy concerning these events as some of the untainted biblical narrative does. Many traditions come full circle and only differ in the way they word these universal truths. Where the folly comes into effect is when the followers of the said traditions take the stories, allegories, and symbols to replace the actual reality. This in turn creates religious orders that breed dogma, doctrinal hypocrisy, self importance over others, judgmental attitudes, and Ultimately division and spiritual disease.
A real truth is universal and unchangeable, it does not have a "religion's box".

Because "The Lord of The Earth" is heading The celestial government that begins in The Earth realm and possibly spreads to other solar systems, IT (because he is neither he or she, but spirit only using a body in the physical domain)
Has A location or seat of its governing power, or in other words its capitol administration - "launching pad".
From this "place of power", many will be gathered for both safety during the upheavals of the old paradigm ruled under mankind's systems and governments and be healed. This healing domain and "proverbial ark" place will spread throughout the entire Earth realm.
(Daniel chapter 2)

All masters, all cosmic powers, and all creation are in expectation of The "Master's Return" which has already arrived and present. What each soul must do is stay vigilant and awake to The "Unveiling" of This New Celestial Power that is rising somewhere "ON THIS PLANET EARTH".

Because "THE REAL Jesus" was a vessel and is a humble vessel of cosmic unity his message remains the same today as it was 2,000 years ago. "Come as you are, to The Father, To the Light of your very being, into the Universal family that is No other than Love itself, and we may call it God/Jehovah/Allah/Yahweh, but Love is its only true identity. We are sharers in hope, love, joy, peace, and the New Earth and New Heavens; keep your mind and hearts set on the cleansing and healing that destines this planet."

By Crow-No Face, Corwyn Jones copyright 2024