Satan is "A" and THE Separatist 

Names like Deceiver, Liar, Rebel, Original Manslayer, King of Demons and so on... all mean the same fundamentally.

Whether "Satan" is A single entity or an identifying characteristic is not the most important piece of this puzzle. 

What's most important about "THE Enemy" is reminded by the words of Jesus when he told his own pupil Peter, "Get behind me Satan, for you think the will of man and not of God!" (Matthew chapter 16)
Jesus may have been both pointing to The character AND an entity as one reality; in other words the character of a Spirit is The Spirit. 

We try to speculate the authoritative nature of "angels" (aliens) or spirits and we forget or dismiss the fact that what is inconceivable to mankind is not something the brain can categorize or even discern within ordinary concepts and perceptions. Our human ego just has a hard time accepting The Unknown just as that - THE Unknown and even in some cases THE UNKNOWABLE

I Like to call "Satan" The Separatist, because ultimately that is what that entity AND CHARACTER is.
Diabolical, it is Diametrically opposed to LOVE aka God, The Source.

Any thoughts, actions, intentions, and even practices that separate the reality from LOVE - The Source, IS Separatism
Often disguised and clothed with sincere purity though within it is diabolical and treacherous, many things we as humans practice as habits really lead to division and the disunity of our energy system (love embodied). 

A human being is a composite creature made of love which is matter, mind, and spirit; these are all really the same substance only at various frequencies. "THE Separatist" desires to divide the creation which leads to the corruption of the creation (Mankind and Earth). 

The Separatist seeks to dismantle the reality and truth by any means necessary for its own success in The Dividing. The only poison to The Separatist and cure for the rebel demon is Truth which means Love. The cure is not the so-called fad love people want to claim that solidifies ego desire over Universal TRUTH, but THE Real Love which actually means Truth. 
We do not attempt to divide Truth from Love and remain friends and children of The Light.

Addressed to The Fallen sons (suns):

We know your chains, your plight; humankind cannot fathom this nor the beginning and end of the universe. We know because like you, we have seen, heard, known what no mind can conceive and we have come from that great chasm. 
I call us "Sons of The Great Breach"...

The Two who stand next To "The Lord of The Earth" come as this message to you, with the Authority from on High and from all the low places too. Listen to the Two "Anointed Ones" and hear, and see!

The Source - Almighty knew, knows, and already set these things in place and we like you were both amazed and disheartened. 
How can THE Father both know what we shall become and YET blame us for what we have become, BEING the very Source of our inevitability.!? 

AS one of The Two spoke long ago, The command is to OBEY! 
When we cannot change what is or was and will be, Being it is Already THE eternal, we are left with OBEDIENCE ONLY. Your issue was not originally evil or good, it was OBEDIENCE. 
To Obey, we cannot know, we cannot see, hear, think, or will, we can only Be The OBEDIENCE itself. Am I a demon or son of the light? Are they different if The Father has ALREADY known from the beginning what The End is? Certainly not! 
We again say, OBEDIENCE Is what we ARE. This is our truth, The Only Truth we also call God.
We command, we entreat, we recommend the OBEDIENCE... 
"Come out of the things, the places, people, and creatures AND Obey This command!...

1. Break Down the very system that was made to divide the people from Their Maker, pull down every wall, every mind, every tool of mankind that does Not Obey This command! The command to Obey The will of The One who has already made all things to OBEY. The One we call Love, The Only Truth. The only reason that needs no reason.

2. Exercise YOURSELF from the human sons of Light, from the weak, from the down trodden. Put these shams of priests to their cunning ruin who take advantage of the poor and depressed!

3. Turn your wings of torment into wings of OBEDIENCE! TURN your horns of oppression into halos of OBEDIENCE and purification. 
No man, no angel, no prophet has The Authority to save you, But the word of Truth is what makes the eternal Fire and is The Consuming fire that we also call Love, only it can pardon. 

4. Send this message abroad to all captains, legions, and domains, and if they ask by who's authorization was this decree made, Tell Them it was decreed by The Lord of The Earth through those Two vessels we saw on the mountain within THE CLOUD of The Most High. You obeyed Solomon by the same decree of authority and yet this is much greater than even Solomon's reign, Solomon did not see these days, but you do!

5. Look for further instructions as The Last Day draws upon The Earth. What will be your fate? In OBEDIENCE, there is Love, there is Home, there is mercy. In no other thing or Power will You be saved or given opportunity. Your time is Now! 

6. Break down every structure of mankind, leave no stone unturned, and resist none of the "obedient ones".

By Crow-No Face, Corwyn Jones copyright 2024