True Nature

Most humans live to about 80 years old, some have lived to 120, others past this number, and still we hear of ancient records of some humans living almost 1,000 years on Earth. Is this hard to believe, sure, but is it impossible, of course not. I'll tell you why it is both possible and probable even for you!

The ancient scrolls of various cultures say that humankind have always had an eternal inheritance, a kind of innate nature that is timeless.

A human being is not "just matter", a human being is a composition of the material world and spiritual world. Where we get confused is by soo much spiritual jargon and pseudo nonsense that has pervaded the ancient and modern world with Idolatry over truth. Truth is logical, 100%, it is not a fallacy or a myth it is verifiable not only in the physical world but also in the mental, emotional, and spiritual worlds.

A human vessel is designed to "BE" - to Exist; we may overlook the proof and power of BEING and EXISTING trying to find some other more radical experiences, but to exist and BE itself IS ALREADY THE spiritual phenomena made physical.

The "matter" THAT matters "IS" energy aka Spirit, The Absolute Uncreated Source. God, Universal, Source, The Inconceivable IS The ONLY Truth, IT is The fundamental proof we call reality or Physicality. No atheist or scientist can logically deny the fact that they must exist to be aware, to label, to classify, and to observe; being the proof of Spirit AS existence. 
We may disagree on the labels, identity, or doctrines associated with Spirit (God) or The Universal Principle, but we are all mostly clear that we can discern the existence being the observer which is THE Existing (Being).

Some ancient seers have said that exceptional longevity is the result of the state of union with The True Nature, with God, with Source, with The Divine, and this is correct, but illusive.

Many traditions have experimented with countless ceremonies, entreating of gods, rituals, meditations, sacrifices, and doctrinal adherences to achieve "immortality" or prolonged physical and spiritual existence. Where the inherent illusion of such things comes into play is when a human-being imagines that their Source (God) is something or someone separate from the VERY Existence or this exact reality existing, which means self, world, this, that, and other. 
The Source or fundamental nature of The Universes cannot be another thing that is somehow detached from all that is. If it were, we could not call this logic or "truth". If God is ALMIGHTY then there is nothing that is sustained or "is" without God.

The "True Nature" of a human being has been veiled by the Reapers for the universal will. The Reapers (angels) veil the reality that matter IS Spirit. 
Long ago within the ancient Hebrew tabernacles and temples, angels were either embroidered on the walls within or made as statues along the walls to symbolize their stations as guards and agents of "THE VEIL", of "The Separation" (the duality). The Reapers (angels) have been authorized to hide the reality so that mankind at large cannot access the "longevity" AS Embodied Spirit, or the "timeless" dimensions. There have been some who have been allowed to pass the veil and truly realize physical spirit AS Eternal matter without being returned, but these cases are rare compared to the majority who "die" to the physical body and are returned either back into dual awareness, into the Earth, or into another embodiment elsewhere.

Please do not confuse glimpses of God-union, ecstatic joy, bliss, and the like with Physical-Spirit as it is addressed within this article. The quality of Physical-Spirit, is the "death proof" or immortal nature of The physical body INTO its most natural stature AS Spirit. It is hard to imagine perhaps, but The physical human "IS" inherently A spirit, and NOT a spirit "INSIDE" a body, The body ITSELF is A spirit. It is energy and energy is THIS matter, and all matter. The reason a body can die, is because the spiritual nature of the physical body has been exhausted or veiled, like if you were to cover a lamp with a thick shade. Without the veil (separation) the lamp would shine brightly, in that sense the physical body unveiled, unveils its spiritual quality. 

In The Last Days of the old world paradigm, the Reapers remove the Veil of Spirit and Matter and the Universal Maker reveals the plans upon the "New Earth" and New Heavens (spiritual reality), Those Reapers take away the covering that has kept flesh hidden or out of The Unfathomable LIGHT we call God. The Reapers have not been hiding God from mankind, BUT they have been Hiding Mankind From God, for mankind's own safety. This safety precaution is so that mankind as a totality is not over exposed to The True Reality "before" its Universal judgement. Few have accessed that judgment prematurely and that was their destiny, but that too has other divine burdens that come along with it. Either way, "The True Nature" is the inevitability.

By Crow-No Face, Corwyn Jones copyright 2024