Since God, or The Universal Source is timeless and infinite, then All that it has made is also part of its own inconceivable nature.

If your body is matter that means it is also energy. Energy that is visible is also the same enery that is invisible since its substance cannot be seen with the eyes or tools of mankind.

The inconceivable nature that we are is seen and also unseen, it is known and also unknowable.

What we are as "co creators" and gods of The One Source Almighty is nothing a human mind or even an angelic mind can understand.

To ascend does not necessarily mean to leave the physical body or to return to it, it does not mean to be born or to die, to ascend means to realize one's primordial original nature in The Creator, The Almighty Consciousness we call God.

If your nature is in God and of God, that means it cannot be found anywhere else but within you, since it is WITHIN YOU, then it must be true. Because you exist that original nature is most obvious, it is what moves the body, it moves the mind, it moves the heart, and it rests in its Source.

To ascend is to realize and appreciate that one's existence is actually God. Nothing that exists can be called real or have being without The Source. The Source of us is always "this".

There is a scroll in the book of Job that says God knows every time we swallow saliva. It means that God is the foundation of what we call "Being", that God is the maker of we gods that "exist". (Job 7:19)

Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I said, you are gods’?."
(Psalms 82:6; John 10:34)

Being so that you are naturally a god, what will YOU create?

By Crow-No Face Corwyn Jones 2024