Before Me, There is None, After Me there is None.

I AM all That IS, The ONLY IS.

I AM THE VOID and The Light, The Night and The Day,

I AM The storm, the cloud, the Earth, the Sun, the stars, and all things.

I AM The ONLY BEING, I AM BEING, all beings are myself, my many faces, but MY face is nothing Fathomable.

I see Through all eyes; through the eyes of birds, beasts, mankind, angel, and any moving thing, even between the parts of the things that do not move.

I Am The Breath, the wind, the Spirit of anything that can come to BE.

Before Thought, I AM there, after thought I AM There, through thoughts, through actions, through intentions, and especially through the heart, I AM. Nothing escapes ME.

No One can check my doings, no one can ask where I AM or what I have been busy with, I AM The ONLY Judge of MYSELF.

Rulers, kings, powers, mighty beings and mechanisms ALL Must See About ME, They MUST CHECK WITH ME, I AM THE ONLY POWER of All Powers!

No Authority comes and no authority goes without My approval, without My will.

There are no gods, forces, creeping things, and intelligences that Do a thing without My will, without my plans.

I have done like No Other, I have summoned all other gods before me to see the test of their might against mine. They do not show and they do not protect those who beseech them.

My name is not like ANY name, IT is The very Source of Existence and of Reality, I make what is NOT real into what is real, and what is real into what is NOT real. I color the reality and make it move, stay still, vanish, reappear, and sing.

There is no other like Me, and so I recommend Myself to all Things.

I Bless, I curse, I give, I take away, I bring back, I pardon, I forgive, and I also punish.

From My own Becoming all that IS is called real, from My own self all selves are called beings and things.

From the smallest to the greatest, from the least, to the most, from the near to the most distant, from the depth within to the unfathomable reaches beyond, I AM There.

Because I AM, I make a Man so be... AND that man must make an account to ME for his wife, for his mother, for his father, for his children, and for his people. He owes me His allegiance, and whoever threatens or stumbles that man must see me and deal with ME.

The powerful leaders of all worlds and heavens MUST bring The books to ME, they must account for everything done under their power. All creatures they rule will see Me for Justice if that leader has been unjust!

Mistreat the orphan, the widow, the fatherless, and the poor with contempt and harshness and YOU will See Me.

Treat the orphan, the widow, the fatherless, and the poor with honor, gift, and compassion and you will see My pouring out of joy upon you without end.

No dream or imagination of the meek and humble has seen the inconceivable and wonderful joys I have planned for them.

I see and hear all things within the mind and heart, through the bone, through the body, through the will, through the intentions and I weigh all matters upon Myself.

I do Not have a place to rest, a place to retreat to, a place to call home, besides my Causing and Becoming, I rest in The Heart of The true Ones. They make the Only dwelling that I will call home.

I have sought you on mountains, in deserts, in caves, in temples, in seas, in homes, in all things, and Still You Do Not know me. Look into YOUR OWN Heart for ME! A true Heart Knows me, no other!

To Love Me means to love your fellow human, your fellow creatures, to even love your self. I AM Love, I Am No other!

I AM All Power, ALL Wisdom, ALL Knowing, ALL Things, ALL That IS, WAS, and can BECOME, BUT I AM Especially Love, The ONLY REASON THAT NEEDS NO REASONS. I AM BECAUSE I AM.

These Human rulers and their malevolent spirits will Have to see Me on The Day I have ALREADY ASSIGNED, They will meet The Glory I give to those they have murdered, abused, and trampled on for soo long.

All That I have said shall Not return to me without the success I have intended, none can Stop My will.

I AM THE HOLY TERROR That I will Hide from those that Love ME AND Will Show to those who TEMPT ME.!

PenMan - Crow No Face (Corwyn Jones) Copyright 2024