"Let the dead burry the dead, you keep following me." - young master Yeshua

"He is not the God of the dead, but God of the living." - young master and student Yeshua

We would like to assume that the death of a human, animal, or anything else is permanent and defined by our limited perceptions. Permanence too, another perception from the limited...

Since we burry or incinerate corpses that are physical bodies, we also assume these corpses are our loved ones. In truth, we have never burried a human being or anything else for that matter. When we observe life, we are observing the full integrated quality of physical body, feeling, mind, and spirit, also know as the "4 bodies". This integration of the 4 AS One, has never been burried or ever will be. It can not be created or destroyed since its substance is "The uncreated" itself, aka God, Source.

The 4 bodies are layers of one whole system. This system has layers that can and do shed, no different than the shedding of a snake's skin, a beetle's exoskeleton, the seedling to sprout, or the layer of adolescent to adult.

Nature itself reveals the face of God, Truth...

As we mature AND heal on any or all layers, those layers pass/shed to simultaneously reveal a more advanced or evolved state. To the limited perception of the degree in which a brain can conceive, death is not a shedding or transition, but it appears as the finality. 

Nothing is born or dies in God. 
God, Spirit, consciousness (whatever you want to call "IT") is everything always, already; it is never created or destroyed, it only changes its forms.

If death were "real", then to experience the so called finality of it would be an awareness in itself. If one can be aware that oneself is DEAD, then obviously they live, since awareness can only arise in life and As life. If death is a state or truth of "non-existence" then oneself who is called "Dead" would not be aware of this supposed state, we call death. To be aware of oneself as "non-existent", again is absurdity, since non-existence is not awareness. If we do not exist once DEAD, then again where is the experience or awareness of Death!?

To be most clear, we can rightfully say that to die or be Dead is certainly a perception of a limited awareness that arises as a perception of itself as The limit.

If we conclude that God/Consciousness/Spirit is Everything and through all things, in all time, space, and matter, then what is really Dead or even born!?
Ahhh... we awaken to the TRUTH!

If there is Death, it is certainly the transition or shedding of the limitations that the ego-body inherently is.

The suffering that humans endure on this planet has no words to describe it beyond horrific and in some cases avoidable. Death of the physical body is also transition, and unfortunately we have not yet evolved on a planetary level to bypass the great suffering that often accompanies this human perception and phase that we call "death". Since all things arise from the uncreated and go back to that Vastness, we are comforted knowing that The Universal plan is to End human and all Earth's creatures suffering.

Copyright by Author Corwyn R. Jones 2022