Warrior Siddhi 

For a man to fight upon the battle field, to clash his armour against the other and to hasten his blade and bullets against the other is the old way, we have arrived upon a time long lost to the warrior-priest when our battles and wars were fought by our divine forces.

Everyone wants power and to be the winner, but few of those actually can stand the test of failure and defeat. A true warrior is not so content with winning, the true warrior wants to be "known", the true warrior wants their soul's impression felt as presence no matter if they are the victor or defeated.

We have a saying among those of this lineage, "we will put something on you that you cannot get off." That means that something is transeferred in battle, something is carried over and taken, something is passed on, something is stuck to the one who battles the true warrior. 

Some call this siddhi or skill, ling kong jing or empty force, but this is only a half truth that most do not understand in fullness. A siddhi is a skill, it is a result of practice, it is the manifestation of practicing to the point of be-coming what you practice, the fruit being the seed of the tree itself. A real siddhi is actually the cause and purpose; for a warrior the means is also the end.

There are mentions of many siddhis from the eastern traditions and even more are added among the many esoteric and mystical traditions across the Earth. Ling kong jing is but one of very many skills and many siddhis have nothing to do with war.

For the warrior his/her siddhi must be reinforced by the cosmic order, the siddhi has no real power unless it has substance beyond mere flesh, bone, wood, and metal. The so called scientific mind who is unaware may not notice that most of what we experience and call "real" is unknown. The majority of what we as modern humans experience as real is only what we can perceive, the majority that we do not perceive although we experience is "unknown" to us. That unknown factor is what this webpage is talking about.

Subtle realms of reality are not unknown to everyone, but the majority of people on earth today do not know them as conscious experience. That unknown factor we call siddhi, skill, power, and a pressing on reality itself is beyond what 3 dimensional space can give us details about.

Mikkyo practice, some ancient Hebrew and Eygptian practices and native American practices among countless other traditions can expound in greater detail about the "hidden gems" we call siddhis. By contacting the author of this website some of these lessons may be shared.

For the warrior as mentioned, we must place more importance on the siddhis that will accomplish certain tasks that need attention. Those tasks and the siddhis they require will become manifest as you take your role among warriors. 

The common era of mankind is on the brink of Huge changes that are an evolution that was foreordained in the creation, the Today's ruling powers were always destined to be upgraded and even uprooted in some areas. During this evolving of human consciousness and divine henosis on Earth unifying the cosmic plan through this solar system and galaxy we will witness a new era. Modern day warfare and battles are things of the past that will be forgotten in time.

The true warrior has placed their reliance upon great forces that influence, maintain, and transmit The Cosmic Order. Throughout the human nervous system and its subtle domain also, there is a path that awakens, we call this a chakra system and it has a main channel call the sushumna. From this channel nadis extend through and beyond the human energy field. A nadi is a wind, a force, an influence, an angel. There are atleast 72,000 nadis integrated within and through the human energy field as both subte and gross reality.

The warrior has unionised by grace their own energy field with that of great forces, we call this union henosis. The morbid mind would call it possession by spirits. Both statements would be true, and we would ask you, "is that glass half empty or is it half full?" The warrior takes what is given and does not require or ask for much more.

The human body is actually materialized love or God, the universal source power, and the human body is also a dweling and a construction of the universe and its forces. Humans are actually the material clothing of the universe. If you can make the time, with attention observe how the human interacts with its nature, how the materiality of the human can will itself throughout the material world that surrounds it. That "will" is actually the universal force and not an individuality (ego) as we would ignorantly suppose.

The True warrior can and does use that "universal will" to accomplish tasks that warriors must attend to. By henosis you could say that really the cosmic order attends to those tasks that are before the warrior. Long ago, the Apostles of Yeshua  would say, that "we do not need to fight." They meant that their battles were really of more powerful planes existing above and beyond the material world. They also meant that because of that higher plane of battle that any physical encounters in warfare were already attended to in ways that no flesh, bone, wood, or metal could meet.  That very understanding was a great siddhi. To understand that you are simply the materiality of that which is greater accesses that very siddhi or skill of accessing those greater forces as potentials and powers. 

No matter if we live or if we die we both live and die in The great order and plan. No matter if we pick up arms or not, we are under the attention of that which is greater than the materiality that we embody. When we extend this hand there is more there than meets the eye, so this siddhi is among the greatest for warriors. We must pay note that what we wield out is also what we will expect in return. We would do best to met out justice and fairness, to met out love and peace, and to only kill when no other option is left. May the great mystery of henosis unfold upon your mind! Be blessed true warriors!

Copyright 2018 By Corwyn  R. Jones