The Inconceivable - Void

All that we as humans experience, feel, think, and know is perceived by our sensory tools, our brains then make interpretations from the perceived data, the brain too is in itself another sense organ.

Our sensory tools are not just the brain, nervous system, eyes (extensions of visual cortex) ears, tongue, skin, nose, and hairs. Our sensory tools are also our hearts (emotional energy field) and our mental concepts. Our concepts yes are sensory tools because they receive data and then evaluate that data and make their perceptions our realities. The way we feel and think about things even before we receive any data and after we receive the data is still perception and interpretation.

What we as humans can do with these tools is amazing to say the least, we can create worlds out of our images, out of our concepts. These created worlds are amazing wether they are beautiful, ugly, cruel, or healing.

What we seldom realize or rather attempt is to walk the Void's edge, where matter, physical reality, and our conceptions meet "The Source". We try religion, spiritual paths, rituals, ceremony, meditation, thrill seeking, and more in the attempt to go beyond our said boundaries.

We try to reach "God", Spirit, Source, The Universe, Oneness, or whatever else we choose to call The "Inconceivable".
Since the human experience and existence is in itself the very instrument we use to seek The Inconceivable, we are at a disadvantage possibly unknowingly. Our human experience already has filters we have either inherited or have installed, these filters are the very concepts, prejudices, perceptions, and ideas we call "Reality", when in truth our filters are the very boundary to the Clarity of reality.

Some scientists refer to The empty spaces of the cosmos as "Voids", but this is a shallow view of The Inconceivable, it is a egotistical means to give the Unknowable identity.
The Void is not a thing, a place, a subject, object, or concept, The Void is "The Inconceivable" itself. We can call THE Inconceivable whatever name or title we choose, wether that be The Tao, Void, God, Universe, Source, Energy, or whatever.
The names and titles we give The Inconceivable - Void does not change its fundamental essence. Even speaking of The Void, like speaking about "God" is the act of the human boundary itself.
This Essence we call The Void, is nothing we can call a thing, a place, or concept, because it has no boundaries, no forms, no relationship that we can reflect upon it. Our only true sense of its "nature" is in the mirror, which is a practice for meditation...

To go beyond the human experience as a body, mind, heart, soul, etc... Is not something we can do, but it is something we can realize already inherently dwells right beyond our borders, right here right now. We have mentioned some of the boundaries or borders that a human has, such as body, sensory tools, concepts, filters, and experiences. Beyond these borders and boundaries The Void is realized, The Inconceivable is all that actually IS. 

The physical universe or boundaries and borders we can conceive of are still also manifestations of The Inconceivable - Void. The manifestations of The Void are its Avatar or body, the entire cosmos is The cloak that The Void wears. The universe and all dimensions are like a garment or fabric that The Inconceivable wears or is veiled with, as it itself is the substance of all Things.

At the Edge where some mystics, Shamans, seers, and truth seekers trek is where the human experience and boundaries meet the cusp of what is Inconceivable. At the edge of the Void is our human experience, in fact, human experience IS the definition of the Edge of the Void. All things, all energy that we perceive within our minds, hearts, brains, and bodies is The Edge of The Void, what dwells beyond this Edge is The Inconceivable, we also call The Void.

One may ask, what end or benefits come with realization of the edge, since the Void itself can not be conceived.?
The benefit is The journey itself in the path of truth reigning through the human condition over the sensory tools and boundaries we "call true and reality". There is a huge difference between what we perceive as truth and Truth Itself. Truth has no perception or concept, it is Just raw and what it is, it has no filtration protocols or mechanisms, it has no human experience that can define it, approve it, or disqualify it.

The Void is what Truth is. The Void can not be reasoned with or dealt with, it can only be realized and even then, the realization is only the unknowable because it is Inconceivable. The only thing a human can do with truth in honesty is to yield to ITS face in humility, we can strive to be grateful but gratitude can only come from concept. Humility does not require any knowledge or conception, it only takes Truth Realization, or as we refer to here as, "Trekking The Void".

Yes, of course, there are many transformations and attainments that The Void gifts to those who will see its face, but these gifts are fruits that sprout from the seeds of humility and the work it takes to travel just on the Razor Edge of human knowing, conception, and sense perception.

By Corwyn R Jones 2022