The Lucifer

There is no easy way to approach this topic, so we may as well just dive in and do the work.

Many can refer to the biblical name and identity of "The Shining One" as Lucifer, "The Illuminated One".
This identity has taken on more stories, more history, more confusion, more atrocities, and more illumination than words will ever be able to account for.

Logically, scientifically, and even spiritually Darkness requires the contrast of Light to be observed and vice versa. Even a mental remembrance or idea of Light has to contrast Darkness for Darkness to be something other than light.
This duality is what many of the easterners call the yinyang.
If Darkness is all that is, no light is observable. If Light is all that there is then too, no darkness is even conceivable. Let's go a step deeper and further; without either light or darkness the other does not exist.
How so?
If we call light "good" and darkness "bad" then we are also saying that the absence of one makes the other so.
When you turn on a light in a room for instance, the light replaces the darkness and the darkness is absent. The same happens in reverse when the light is removed. If there is a light that is always on and does not ever go out and there is no knowledge of darkness, then the Light itself is not "good" since it had no counterpart. The same truth applies to darkness; if darkness is all that is, it is not "bad" since it has no diametrically opposed light. The other makes its opposite reality.

Stand or sit outside during the middle of a sunny day and try seeing the images on a cellular phone. Even though the cell phone has its backlight on, the images will be nearly indiscernible. Why? This happens because the contrast of darkness is not great enough outside to observe the smaller light of the cellular phone versus the greater light of the sun.

Hence... "The Lucifer", actually means the revealer of Light. The darkness that makes the light discernible.
Another appropriate example of this anomaly is when you exit a dark theater and go out into the daylight and discerning images and the scenery is not so easy. The eyes have not yet adjusted to the light, so the person is temporarily blind in a way. This great light had become "darkness". Still further, we often see how some profound truths actually have a blinding effect on the observer, they have been hit with such light that only darkness persists with a depth beyond comprehension.

Obviously and Observably, the wonderful stars at night are seen because of the darkness behind them. The light of day hides these same sons/suns...

Long ago, the Bible has stories of certain "crimes" or sins that were punishable by death within the Israelite community. These laws were ofcourse said to originate with God, or their understanding of God at that time in history. These same "crimes" we see today, and even some of us who read this article have done them and may still do them. Something as simple and yet as prolific as a child disrespecting their own parents and elders could lead to a death sentence.
These laws were thought to originate from The Light of God, and today many professing Jews and Christians don't adhere to them anymore. The Christian will say that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ was the means to end such punishments and their laws. The issue with this stance is that, no sacrifice or belief changes the action we take. For example, who in what religion will dismiss the crime of pedophilia just because Jesus has died for sins from their faith standpoint? Who will dismiss theft, murder, and the such with an excuse that the sin was "paid" for? Hopefully, no one in a community would tolerate these actions with a covering of belief. The common laws today would need to be justly applied, with or without any biblical backing for a society to survive.
Since the law of conscience has not changed, why do we judge one action as bad and another as good? We do this because we allow the light and darkness to unveil the other. Without the knowledge or perception of darkness what "good" do we really know or even can conceive of?
Have you ever asked yourself, that if there is an actual entity like Satan/Lucifer/Beelzebub, why would or does God, its Creator allow it to exist so long? Even if we entertain the idea that this being was once a "good" angel, why would its existence persist under the authority of The Almighty Source?
No matter if we have a religion's belief system that we adhere to or not, Obviously, The Light is sustained by the existence of Darkness, and likewise, The Darkness is existing because The Light is its Source. They are not really two that "DUEL", they are dualities that originate in One and are One.

The Declaration, "Let there be Light", testifies to the truth that The Darkness or Void was and is before or with The Light. The Light of Creation (the inanimate made animate) reveals that both Darkness and Light being One. 
"The Light of Darkness"...

The Source of both Light and Darkness, is One...

Every angel that wars with a demon is only countering their own darkness, and every demon that resists an angel is only resisting their own light... 

Both are angels, messengers of One...

Some morbid thinking suggests that the worship or glorification of deities of darkness or light is the real issue and requirement. It is not.
To worship any deity is again making duality where only oneness is truth. The contradiction is also truth, but when we take any position as the sole authority and end all of reality, we simply close our awareness off from the vastness of the cosmos and all of its intricacies.

Questions to Ponder:
Why have the most heinous acts of evil been done on Earth in the name of God and Satan?
Why is the most vile crime of child abuse unforgivable in prison, but it is consistently forgiven in most religions?
Why are most religions based on good vs evil rather than on self accountability?
Why are the most sinister people found in churches and the most humble found in dungeons?
Why do we find The Devil in church and The Almighty Love (God) in homeless shelters? Why is Satan rarely if ever discussed in homeless shelters, but Satan is Always discussed from the Minister's microphone?

At the End of the day, Lucifer or Darkness reveals the light, and God, The Light, reveals The Darkness. The only "war" between these forces is the person who has to make choices.

The natural world and universe is composed of the forces of darkness or even dark matter and it is composed of the forces of light or animation, either way these 2 are really One, as all things have always been and will always be.

Be well, blessed, whole, and true to thyself, may no belief system bound your awareness.

Copyright by Author Corwyn R. Jones 2020