The God who creates itself "To Be".?

"God" is like the day you awake and the sun at dawn. God is the dense forest and woods, God is like the small and soft cub bear, and also God is the protective mother bear that charges. God is like the large rifle with its bullet. God is the deer, its younglings, and God is the hunger for meat. God is like the law that binds. God is like the family that waits for their provider. God is the Park Ranger that chases and the culprit that is chased. God is also like the traffic accident that brings one home. God must be the very Thinker with thoughts of God and no God. 

Who else, what else can create The conceptions, theories, and experiences of "God", "The Big Bang", and all realities?
Obviously The Source... "The God" only.

"God" being everything and everywhere Almighty... No one should have to look for God or not find God.

Progressive transformation of both mankind and Earth do not come about by looking into the sky, but by looking honestly in the mirror.

Copyright by Author Corwyn R. Jones 2020