The Seed is within the fruit...

When you have the time and or inclination to do so, research the ideas and terms of these 3 states of perception and concept. 

Our suggestion here in this article is that the last state of contemplation and BEING is what some may refer to as the "original" or primordial state.

Below I have put somewhat of a list of concepts associated with each term, these are not definitions of these topics and terms.

To ponder these:

There is A or many gods and beings and others as well as myself, all separate. To worship... Hierarchy is The order of God/gods and mankind...

The idea or path of knowledge that knows union or oneness with all others including A God/gods. To seek ... To unravel hierarchy.

The Realization that There is Only "One", others and self dissolved as THIS ONE. Being... What is hierarchy, All is One. Which end of a ruler has the greatness, is the first or last Greater? Henosis has reset the brain and spirit to zero.

Breaking it down:

Theosis.. Self and other(s)... To desire to Love others and to love God. The war of good vs evil.

Gnosis.. Self and other(s) Are ONE, to become wise as Love is. To love self and others as One unity. God "is" Love... Duality must end someday.

Henosis.. There is Only ONE, Love is already All things. It is working its own becoming eternal and never created nor ever destroyed. It has no conditions or duality.

Though my work here may appear biased to the state of "henosis", it is not. There is growth at every stage, which is why we call growth "development". From the Theocratic that appreciates Theocracy and to the Gnostic that appreciates Gnosticism as the fruit of the Mystic that appreciates Henosis, all stages have their place. At each and every stage of our human evolution or self creation, we are unfolding what the Universal has already made so, we are only seeing a limited page in an endless book.

With contemplation, there can manifest transformation, biologically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. These "fruits" also contain the seed or root As the source, the contemplating or practice can itself contain the Source of its nature. 
For example, the "third Eye" or central cerebral and central channel of the energetic nervous system and its more subtle aura already contains the entire universe through it. That may seem too fantastic to believe, but it is real and true. All of reality and truth manifests as Everything, including as The human being.

The human being is the fruit of Source, which is All things. The human Already contains the seed As it being the Source manifested as a human being. The Source is also a leaf, a mountain, a river, a galaxy, an idea, etc... 

We tend to want to believe that duality is either the truth or something we can unravel, when in reality there was never any duality to either believe or to unravel. This is the gap from Theosis to Gnosis and the LEAP from Gnosis to Henosis...

Thank you and blessings to my mentors, ancestors, and all lessons.

By Corwyn Jones 2023