Suffering and the Illumination thereof...

No one enjoys suffering, at least no one in their healthy state of mind. No one wants to experience hardship and heart ache, no one wants to experience circumstances that bring about tragedy for themselves and for others unless their hearts are wicked (which can change).

We don't want to experience these things that cause suffering, but we may seldomly realize that our own choices and the paths we take are exactly the mechanisms of suffering for self and to others. It is much easier to blame tragedy on outer forces, "God", "The Devil", The government, social orders, religion, family, friends, and fellow humankind. It takes courage, humility, and self accountability to accept that our own choices are divine power at work. Our own self-honesty is actually the illuminating power through all the universe, it is more vast than our physical borders, it is THE SOURCE that we may choose to call consciousness or life (God).

Honesty is not just a moral character of virtue, honesty is truth, Truth (Source) studying the content of the mirror's reflection, which is ourselves. One can not really say they know anything outside of self; we say this because self is the only denominator which all observation and experience arises within and from (I AM THAT - I AM). We can not experience anything without a "self-observer", all of our reality still depends on ourselves as The witness, without self, the observer, there is no observation, there is no reality, life or existing. Please contemplate the obvious fact of this statement.

"If you do not exist, you would neither know or care if anything else exists."

This self existing as self-observer both creates and paves the path of suffering and illumination. Suffering does sometimes come from uncontrollable variables in our experience, but we can obviously see that most of our experience is self engineered, manufactured by our own intentions and will (choice).

Illumination surfaces as the absence of unawareness; our awareness is light and it makes those unwanted and unseen machinations of our own hidden agendas take accountability. We expose our deepest core to inescapable Truth simply by observing ourselves honestly. As we be-come (a state of being) self-accountable and self-honest we then can become the living blessing that we have hoped for, prayed for and thought was disguised as "another" savior. If we are self-honest and still choose to create suffering for ourselves and for others, we deservingly reap the consequences of the very hells that torment our souls.

This awareness as the most powerful light can be utilized not only in self healing but it radiates from our core affecting other sentient beings. The "real" illumination serves to heal our entire Earth; it takes root in our bones, our flesh, our hearts, our thoughts, and especially in our actions. 

Copyright By Corwyn Jones 2022