REVELATION or Revealing as they call it...

To Unveil the hidden things, the mysteries, and the things once thought to be only phantom like mind apparitions. The "End" of things is often the beginning of other things, and so as one "dies" another is "born", like a snake shedding its old skin, as the old slides away, the new is UNVEILED.

Across the world there are many stories, allegories, myths, legends, and principles that share ROOT wisdom. This wisdom is what we would like to appreciate or at least to observe carefully. 

Long long ago there were prophecies and legends from Native cultures and also from the "civilized" and industrialized lands, where scientists, scholars, and seers discovered or were rather allowed to peer into deep mysteries about our universe. Some of these mysteries included tales of a race of humanoids or other worldly presence(s) that came in at the brink of mankind's evolutionary climaxes. These "ancient ones" or "holy people" as The Native Americans call them, were sent here to help mankind to uncover the veiled truths of our inherent nature so that we as a species could turn new pages in the cosmic plan-book.

In the biblical narrative, these Ancestors of grace, wisdom, and power are referred to as the "sons of God"; they are called "sons" not because they are males, but because they hold genetic seeds like human sons do. They are in truth neither male or female, though they may have embodied such forms on Earth, but that is another discussion.

As Earth's rotation-events, some foretold and some even spontaneously created reach certain limits, The Creative Source some call God, Lord, The Originator, Father, All-Mind etc.. sets the speed to Unveil The Ancestorial Lords of Creation. The Earth is like a female mother who has a great womb, from her womb she births her own flesh, but it has a nature that she only carries in the divine plan of her very purpose. From The Creation, a New creature rises; it has the nature of all the stars, planets, animal, vegetation, human, and angelic realms. During the "End" of the old paradigm and revealing of The New, a kind of apocalyptic shift goes into unstoppable gear. Like all evolutionary and creative forces, the divine plan cannot be thwarted though it can be ridden like a leaf on a wave. Jesus, the Hebrew prophet, spoke of a time when he would come in the nature of his primordial self with celestial forces during this same destined time on Earth. Many seers from many various lands like Jesus spoke of similar events nearing the Revelation or Unveiling of these changes. 

The Brothers are Here and Coming to Heal our World! BUT before healing there MUST be The Cleanse...

As world events ever so near This Unveiling of The New and the catalysts that bring about these climatic events, each human rests their faith or trust in things they cannot fully understand. During this "Great Breech" as we sometimes call it, each soul chooses to either observe The Storm of Sovereignty with awe and reverence or they choose to cowardly resist the inevitable changes just at our door steps. Either way, we live in exciting times when nothing can or will remain the same and foretold Revelations are HERE!

ROMANS 8:19 For the earnest expectation of the creation awaits the revelation of the sons of God.

Copyright By Corwyn R Jones 2022