The Rainbow

The Rainbow is a beautiful magnificent site, few would disagree. The modern concept or adoption of the rainbow doesn't quite meet its substantial symbology. The Rainbow is formed by water molecules that reflect upon the Earth's atmosphere and reveal "only 7 spectrums of Light". The light is always there, even in darkness all matter is made of stars which are themselves light particles and beyond our knowledge when we dive into the subatomic layers. No matter if we adhere to biblical narrative or not, the rainbow when seen brightens our mood and brings a smile of "peace" to most faces. The rainbow seldomly or in distant human history ever brought about thoughts of our gender identities and our sexual preferences; these things are not debatable or judgments addressed within this website; for who knows the mind of God to answer why we as mankind have become what we are with all of our ways?. A human is multidimensional and the ways of us are NOT just skin deep, and even if they were just skin deep, the skin like all cells is the fabric of our human embodiment. Either way, may peace, healing, and cleansing continue to Greet our planet!

The spectrums of visible light to the human neo cortex may be just 7, but the spectrum of light in truth has no boundary since its Origin has no maker. If you say "God" is Light, or that The Source, or that The "Cause" is Light, then THAT Light is without a maker, it itself IS Inconceivable and unfathomable (THE Void or Tao).

THE Light we want to speak on in regards to The Rainbow are the glories of Creator and The Creation, fundamentally. In many ancient texts from various regions of humankind, the rainbow is associated with "illumination of BEING". The biblical narrative places the rainbow as a sign of peace and also of glory, peace when it comes to mercy and forgiveness, and glory when it comes to the embodiment of The Father or Source, whichever is easier for you to swallow. Since God is inconceivable no debate or beliefs about God are logical and reasonable. It would be like arguing about The unknown. Whatever makes clarity for you to perceive "truth" is the route you probably should take being that truth knows the boundaries of each vessel and therefore arranges itself to be in that receptacle until more growth arrives. Leave debates about god to fools, and we can not be fools and yet treat the fool as ourselves, with patience, compassion, and mercy, but also with discipline. We are all growing in the revelation of all things universally.

The Rainbow in Truth is the Creative energy and "heart" of Source (God). The rainbow is that smile of peace, seen visibly in our sky and in our mind's eye. The heart too reflects and can become "The rainbow"; the light of the heart IS inconceivable because love has no conditions, no limits. To love means to be without conditions of compassion (LOVE your ex mate, LOVE your parents & children, LOVE all creation, mankind, plants and animals, LOVE your enemies!), all other emotional ideas of love are ego fabricated and limited. Even when we discipline our children, ourselves, etc... it can be the act of love (to save from more suffering).

The Buddhist and Taoist have ancient traditions rooted in the practice of Rainbow Light embodiment (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually), similar to biblical narratives the Taoist and Buddhist understand that a human can summon God's presence to the vessel (human body, mind, spirit). Like in the story of Moses, he went upon Mount Sinai (Elijah went upon the same mount which was then called Horeb), and Moses summoned The Source from within the substance of his very BEING. Moses' heart was already leaning into "INCONCEIVABLE" territories which is why THE PRESENCE (I AM) arrived. Often well intended folks assume that love, kindness, faith, and goodness etc.. are just noble moral characters, the Truth is that these kinds of "lights" or spectrums of God are tremendous creative forces that bring about kneeling, humility, awe, and reverential trembling! This is why when Moses summoned The Source, he did not yet realize that his people were not yet ready for that kind of evolutionary awareness (their hearts were made of the stone tablets - LAW over LOVE), this is why they stood in terror, shame, and regret, they begged Moses to take God away. NOTICE... the people DID NOT ask God to leave or stay themselves, they went to Moses and asked Moses to speak in their behalf, most biblical students miss a HUGE key here. Moses became the embodiment or vessel of The Creative forces and The Source, which is why his own human ego had to learn the value of self-humility. God humbles Himself/Herself to God, ITSELF. God's own humility to ITSELF is obvious because we exist even when we cause harm to self and others. The humility of The Creator is evident in the mercy. God is not humble to you, to me, or to them, God is HUMBLED TO GOD. In other words, the ancient mystery "is... THE humility to ones own power of choice, which can bring both blessing and suffering to one's own experience." 

"Instead of acting as Moses' pupils humbly learning the "secret", many Israelites mocked him asking, "who are you Moses to lead us?!" They did not yet realize that Moses had be-come God's very dwelling (Source aware, which turned his face, hair, and eyes into ancient primordial light), they themselves too could have awakened to this nature of awareness having hearts of flesh instead of hearts of stone! And... yet  Moses himself had to take himself away from the visible world since he had made himself another idolatrous snare for them. Can we, You, learn, can we be humbled students yet always masterful, Of course!!!"

Moses and many other prophets, seers, and ancient brothers and sisters have returned...

I shall Prove to BE my own Be-coming... I am THAT! What I create.

I AM The way, The Truth, and the Life, no one comes to The Father except through me, I AM TRUTH/LIGHT/Awareness/Love!

Jesus' pupils: Teacher, how do we enter the glory of the kingdom? Jesus: Do not practice what you yourself hate. - book of Thomas

The Inconceivable nature of even a fly cannot be exhausted by the human mind and heart; the flaps of a fly's wings like all creation has Source as its substance! Our humility is guided by our acceptance and realization that we are reflections of The SOURCE Glory, and gifted to embody That glory with responsibility and with unbounded compassion. People again with well intended hearts imagine compassion to be weakness, naivety, and unreasonableness, when in truth compassion means to embody "The Rainbow" or the impeccability of awareness. We don't allow a murderer for example to kill without consequence or violence, which is why in many ancient texts The Source is also referred to as "A man  of War", which simply means that Love will NOT allow unbridled suffering to continue! Hallelujah!!! In fact, Love is The MOST DESTRUCTIVE and CREATIVE FORCE!!! Love is no game or toy, and so we wisely and humbly yield to its Sovereignty.

Some of The Colors of Love/Light (The Unfathomable):



The "Spiritual Warrior" can use these forces of virtue and his/her disciplines as "weapons and tools" of light; the strategy of warfare then becomes a matter of Divine methodology...

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