The Power of The Beard... A conversation (dialogue not edited)

CJ: Off topic. I think I understand something deeper about beards.

Brother A: You recently grew one out huh?

CJ: I been trying lol. I get to that rough spot and usually shave off, not this time.

Brother A: Yea.

CJ: They don't just give signs of dominance to male and female, they protect the spirit which is in the face. Look at it this way... Your facial expression shows your spirit, exposing it... Vulnerability. The beard hides facial expression. That's why it looks scary because you can't see him. He is veiled. Like Creator. You know he is there, but you don't know HOW OR WHY!

A dude with a beard came up to me recently, he thought I was angry, I was just chillin lol. He had a beard too, but mine hides my experience more, I think because mine isn't "tamed". Then I looked in mirror and I could see why he said that. You can't see my thoughts in my face.

Then it CLICKED! Why Creator put hair on men's faces more than a woman. Because being the mystery not only protects and hides, it guides. When veiled you can see the truth, because your own face isn't making the outer world change what it is.

When we see what it ACTUALLY is, we can see more. It can't hide from us, though we are hidden from it.

I'm actually putting this insight on my website.

A woman does better not to be hidden, because she already naturally is hidden or mysterious because her physical reality is mostly internal, even in her anatomy and psyche. Hair covering her face would be too much outer yin which would cancel her inner yin. The outer is Yang though Yin. The inner is Yin though Yang or forceful.

Brother A: Very perceptive. This is true. Crazy to think of it as simple as to why does God allow hair to accumulate on the body at all?

CJ: The Arab men for example hide the woman's face because of his own insecurities not hers. He fears the power of other men. He doesn't realize that her face veiled makes her more of his enemy than his ally. His own beard is enough to keep her in check, but his insecurities keep this power hidden from himself. A man's beard alone can give him all the confidence without his ego necessary for his survival and abundance. Like a lion's mane.

Brother A: To protect it. So it makes perfect sense. Although the beard seems to go beyond the rest of the hair veils.

CJ: Indeed, and God made hair all over the human, but a "beard" is deliberate. Deliberately intended for a sacred purpose. We can see these deep things when union is our truth. No man is real. Only God is real.

Brother A: Yet very real at the same time.

CJ: Yes, but look at why a man is "real". In other words, being REAL or the fact of real is because something unchangeable is its substance. A man is temporal his substance is Not. Only a man who has accepted this can either have a beard or not and his face remains "veiled" by The Eternal.

An average man does well to himself, his family, his community, and his land to remain his beard even at the distaste of others. May he remain true unto HIMSELF.

Brother A: So you think the beard manifests most on a man who sees the truth an is accepting in his truth?

CJ: No. Because some men don't grow beards genetically.

Brother A: I know I'm one of those in my fam that can when most cannot or don't. 

CJ: The DNA knows why. In other words, the beard is already aligned with the purpose. A man who for example can't grow a beard probably does not serve the same purpose. We as humans don't respect the wisdom of the creation itself. 

Him not growing a beard doesn't make his purpose inferior. An elephant has no mane, and who will tangle with it? Lions don't even bother adult elephants! The purpose is the wisdom already.

Brother A: Makes sense

Many thanks to my brothers of peace and also in times of War. 

A special thanks to this conversation to Brother Aaron, be blessed eternally, you and yours.

Copyright by Author Corwyn R. Jones 2022