Health of mind, body, and spirit is Wealth...

Many, if not most of so called "spiritual" teachers avoid at all "cost", no pun intended, the topic of money or wealth.

Money is a topic that should not be separated from spirituality or even human evolution. 
Without the knowledge, applicable wisdom, and insight about money, what kind of human Existence in the day to day world can one expect to function productively in?
Even to go off and become a wondering monk requires money; the people and institutions that donate and give freely to the poor, the wondering, and the spiritual teachers, all have money that they give.
Almost everything that a human utilizes for both survival and leisure is acquired via money.
Money isn't everything, but it certainly plays an important role in human existence now. We should not ignore this fundamental and obvious truth.
Money, not currency, stores its value over time, it can be exchanged for goods and services, and it can grow with the work it takes to produce it. Paper currency is not the same as money, huge difference. Currency is the "note" or substitute for money, but it itself is not money, which is why it can be both easily reproduced and manipulated by certain influences.
Precious metals like Gold and silver, and skills, and tangible assets are considered "money".
Money is created by work which is done by the use of energy/matter. This energy/matter can also be refined in such a way that it manifests or produces money almost effortlessly, but it's not Effortless, it's just so refined that the labor it takes to produce the money seems nearly effortless because it is very non-resistant.
That non-resistance is the flow or current of energy, it makes matter and is matter. It also creates circumstances and events to manifest The production of the money and or assets.
In other words, money AS energy produces itself, the money AS energy is refined, so is the method, process, and manifestation of money/assets realized.
This is why self-cultivation literally makes one rich, not simply rich on a material level, but rich as far as "self-sufficient"; not a slave.
By refining oneself energetically, literally the whole world and universe begin to work with you and not resistant or against you... After all, in the self cultivation as refinement, the ego is transformed into Universal consciousness, being the One who is really All things. 
Humbly, this kind of cultivation of money/energy is not greedily obtained or even flaunted, it is gratefully appreciated and its brilliance AS awareness is shared with those who seek it.

Be well, whole, blessed, and healthy in all dimensions of self.

Copyright by Author Corwyn R. Jones 2020