Inner Cultivation ... just talking about it some.

 If you want to master a Thing, BECOME that thing.  You have to literally embody that which you want to master or be proficient at, which leads me to mention the scientific realization that matter is energy  or in other words matter is "mind".  

In my opinion to transcend  doesn't mean to escape or leave the world, it means to excel deeply through it and to enhance and advance because of it! Inner cultivation leaves you without the sense of "lack", you are filled, full, and whole.

Practices that lead to Deep enhancements:
Self Honesty
Self Accountability 

We are literally one with all things; not only do we embody the cosmic unity but The Cosmos actually puts us on as its clothing, its immateriality materialized.

Inner cultivation reaches a mastery-level when the ego has been absorbed INTO the practice itself, I can't say much else on how that feels or works, it is SELF realized; it is Frightening and Wonderful at the same time!!! Oneness or wholeness is the death of the smaller ego-intelligence.

Mixing The Three Treasures:
The cultivation :
Body Essence/ jing/ blood and semen/reproductive power
Mind/ chi/ breath/heavens
Spirit/ Shen/ heart-all-ness as universal compassion 

Metamorphosis - Evolution in The Creation:
The body means Earth, literally God's love materialized, the Proof!
As we cultivate the body's deepest aspect we are literally ascending the ladder of creation...
The "calling" to such cultivation is The key and answer itself. 

Ascension =/is You be-coming a loftier experience of The Creation. 
Ruach is Real...
Ruach is a Hebrew word that "points to" wind, breath, and life force.
Ruach is also known as life-force, chi/qi, prana, and holy spirit; ruach  can manifest as the sekhem (Egyptian word for the rising burning-healing power) and kundalini (the sanskrit word for the rising  feminine-serpent power).

Ruach, Prana, Chi....
Is Cosmic energy... The plane of all Being. Each level of images/Beings have a portion of it. The greater the Portion of Ruach, the Loftier The image/nature.

Ruach is both the brain and body, it is the mind-body. Ruach is also the Cosmos and its various multidimensional forces, places and things.  Since Ruach is essentially  everything,  the common substance, the body-mind can and does translate and receives/transmits the Cosmic blueprint and in-form-ation  via Ruach . The brain like an antenna receives and transmits information into and through the body, as the body also sends and receives information through the brain and into all the cosmos, the 3 unified as One. As mastery reaches a certain level the cosmos is literally communicated and communed with through the body-mind/brain as they are the manifested material of Ruach,  The immateriality.  "As above, so below"

Ruach is Consciousness. 

By the refinement and discipline of Ruach,  the master-student becomes proficient in all things they put their hands and will to.
To discipline and refine the Ruach is not really to change Ruach, Ruach is perfection, what we discipline and refine is the self that channels and tunes Ruach. Since the body, mind, self is All the composite of Ruach, we can say that we are refining Ruach in a way. It is not a foolish or untrue thing to say that, "the master-student can  direct the cosmos." The human body-temple is a house of the gods, it is the dwelling of lofty intelligent forces, and how we use the temple will dictate whether these forces are benevolent or malevolent. To touch upon the intangible and spiritual dimension is simply a matter of refining the matter that is not really "matter". All things we can see, touch, feel, think, hear, taste and know is Energy, even the inconceivable realities are still finer more deeply subtle energies. All energy is really One... The Almighty Ruach, Life, God, Love, Power, Knowing; in its manifested quality as we know the universe as, is still The One itself cloaked in matter. So, since matter is the One  same Almighty Force and Ruach, we can touch this by self imposed discipline and love upon the body -self.  This is where inner cultivation differs from just ordinary exercise because of the intention suggested and seriously SELF- imposed. Inner cultivation reaches into the supposed self, it travels deeply into the being, it refines the body, the temperament, the will, and it refines the character into a more brightly illuminating presence.

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