Eagle Vision

The great Eagle bird, king of the sky, is well known for its impeccable sight.
From great distances the eagle can precisely identify its target prey.
By the space and detachment, having perception that sees the broader vast view, the eagle naturally perceives the location and even the trajectory of movement of its target.

Here we as human-kind can learn a valuable lesson and skill-set from the eagle's vision.

Without any expectations or attached and "too close to see" vision, we too can witness and interact masterfully with reality (what is).
Effortlessly, true seeing is crystal clarity and ego-less non-attachment of any remnants of "narsasitic self importance".

Detached from expectations or conditions on how we think things should be, we can access "nature's union" as the meal given.
No matter, if we call The Source: Spirit, God, Consciousness, Nature, etc... IT has obviously endowed the eagle with such crystal clarity,  that the eagle need not worry about how and what it shall eat.
Are we as human-kind any less favored by such unfathomable Wisdom?

Be well and Prosper!
Again, tremendous gratitude to my teachers and living lessons.

Copyright By Author Corwyn R. Jones 2020