Dragon Hand... a Gong-fu

Is it "sorcery"?...

By Corwyn R. Jones

I thought about writing a book or manual on this subject, but for many reasons I have decided not to at the present time.

Ancient Gong-fu proverb:
Technique exceeds strength...
Speed exceeds technique...
The Marvelous exceeds speed.

Ling kong jing Gong-fu:
Put on him what he cannot put off...
Take from him what he cannot put off or put on.

Gong-fu or Kung-fu, in simple terms, means energy practice and cultivation. It is not "sorcery" in the common conception of sorcery, but it can be considered sorcery from a more primitive awareness. Energy cultivation is the science of using one's own mind-body to both produce and refine that very energy that is present. 
The consistent circulation of consciousness both refines and deepens consciousness. As consciousness is deepened and refined it becomes the tool that sharpens the mind and body as one whole energy system.

Since matter "is" energy, the body is the visible tool of this art. 
Mind or Consciousness is the more subtle energy tool of this art. Mind and body being layers of one whole, they are refined by one another and also as one whole by their cultivation.

The: Nervous system, bones, blood, tendons, ligaments, organs, muscles and senses are all engaged in the process of cultivation.
Like a serpent (Dragon), the whole body-being and even the mind-set of the cultivator is elastic, resilient, and powerful. The "yin" energy appears mostly cultivated, but it is actually "Yang" only disguised. 

Not just contemplating theoretically, but the actual work itself is the gem...

Like an iron rope, the fluidity of tension, makes no tension, energy as force is without barriers.
Breath as Spirit or life force itself, is available and abundant through the: energy channels (meridians and nadis), nervous system, organs, bones, blood, tendons, ligaments, and muscles.
The brain itself is transformed by the practice and for the practice. The mere sense of crisis does not make any technique practical, practice makes real life crisis less formidable.

Energy channels are also "influences", winds, forces...

Practice is not the event, but practice that is appropriate for energy cultivation is like heat, that "heat" can be utilized in countless ways...

As one, and not separate, the whole "matter" is calm, relaxed, centered, grounded, fully sensitive, and explosive (fa-jing).
What is transmitted defies the known boundaries of time-space matter- energy, we call it "void force" or empty force/ling kong jing. 

No traces are found because no step was made...

If one can move without really moving, they have removed the veil...

Since consciousness is fundamentally everything, and yet nothing that is known and even knowable, it is the vastness of the void that substantiates all dimensions and realities.

The transition of energy is not a complicated concept but it is often over complicated by egos, and so the experience and application are "hidden".

All matter is energy, and the human body both converts "food-matter" into usable energy and it also can convert or transition the physical body into a more refined state of energy.

By "consuming itself" symbolized by the "Ouroboros", the human being can release the dormant patterns of their DNA and also unlock alchemy mechanisms within the human body and awareness that changes the more dense cellular structure into a more refined and luminous manifestation.

Since all matter/energy is actually the manifestation of consciousness on the microscopic and macroscopic level, no reality is untouched by the awareness of union consciousness.

The average martial artist or fighter, gives too much attention on strength and technique, and misses the glory and simplicity of mastering their own vital force. An inflated ego thinks that it actually wins fights, when in truth, to fight means loss. One should see that no enemy can overcome union, and so the enemy is no more in union.

The union consciousness allows one to transition/transform via de-materialization and materialization AS matter-energy. To take the physical body to that veil-crossing in even simple gestures.
By the actual experience that goes beyond mere conceptualizing, the individual realizes that scientifically, truthfully, logically, and factually that all reality is subjected to the self as the observer, witness, and object. The self being ultimately the manifestation of The All-Source many people refer to as "God", "The Tao", "Spirit", "Life", "Consciousness", etc...

We practice going where the ego will not, and appreciating the seemingly smallest facets of existing-experience. Humility gives us our keys of access.

Spirit rides upon the breath, and this breath if led appropriately can expedite the process of self- consumption or body-mind material refining. Since body, brain, and mind are intimately linked, as we alter one the all are also altered, they all being reflections of each other, like a hologram taking the light to make a 3D image, our mind creates the body via it's "light".

Only humility, patience, courage, compassion, love, and wisdom can give the impeccable warrior his/her appropriate defenses, offenses, and serenity no matter the circumstances that may arise.

How often should one train? All day and night, every moment pure awareness is the priority...

These are disciplinary notes that the sincere warrior will appreciate now and in all times.

Be well, fret no foe, be merciful and yet apply malice when it is in universal justice.

Thanks of deep gratitude to my many teachers and life-lessons. 
Toltec warriors, Taoist warriors, humble Yogis, Christian mystics, and students of awareness.

Special thanks: For the correspondence and tutelage of Sifu Wong, Max Christensen, Peter Ralston, Greg, Master Odom, Master Wayne, and countless others.

Copyright by Author Corwyn R. Jones 2020