The Dichotomy

Faced with faith vs nonbelief or religion vs no-religion it seems we are at odds about things that should probably be non-issues. This is of course my own thought on the matter, this is not my dogma or my own “gospel truth”. When we think of “god” or “gods”, or “THE GOD”, countless ideas, theories, mythologies, doctrines, beliefs, experiences, and faiths come to mind and heart. Who’s faith or beliefs are “truth”, does it even matter at the end of the day?! Yes, it matters, but only because we have made it so.

“A person without a dog, yet wants a dog, doesn’t want a dog and yet does not go out and buy, find, or adopt a dog!”

We believe, practice, and share what we “want”.

An atheist is no different fundamentally from a religious zealot; the two have the same zeal for their convictions.

It is rare to observe a human that has no belief or disbelief; The ego can no longer shelter such a person from life, reality, and “truth”.!

If God knows ALL and is The Source of All, then at the end of the matter, God is both the cause and effect, God is both the purpose and play, God is both the good and bad, the knowledge and ignorance. Being the Source would also mean the very essence of all that is, despite our human likes and dislikes, loves or hates.

If and since, all matter is energy, and energy is neither created or destroyed, then where does it all come from and go to, what end and beginning is all of THIS?!

A Judeo-Christian believer will say God, it comes from God; a Taoist will say, it is the very TAO itself, all is that. Are these 2 examples of belief really any different?! Compare any religion or belief system.

An atheist will say, IT (life and matter) just came, a “Big Bang” perhaps. Is that belief or understanding any different than the label of “God” or “Tao”; are these labels really any different in the underlining principle? A Father, A SOURCE Principle?...


The sinner goes to hell, death or non existence, the saint goes to heaven, life, or eternal existence. Have you ever asked yourself, if the sinner goes to hell, then if they are aware of such a fate, then are they still alive, aware, exist.? Have you asked yourself, If the saint goes to heaven or life, can they or do they experience or witness anymore suffering, pain, and death? Does God witness suffering, do angels, and other so-called heavenly beings? If they witness suffering, death, and pain, are they experiencing it, or are they just oblivious and callous to it?

DARE to challenge your beliefs, the offspring of your egotism and "right to survive"!!!

Ponder the fallacy of “beliefs”.?

If anything matters; God, gods, doctrines, beliefs, etc… what matters most?

The choices we make must somehow be up in the ranks!

Our HONEST reflection…

Do you require a religion to humbly treat fellow mankind and the Earth with sacred honor?!

Do you require Law to honor and know kindness and compassion?

Do you need doctrine to discover a heart of flesh and not a heart of cold stone?!

Do you require the threat of eternal hell fire to realize the value of life, friendship, and trust?!

Do you require the reward of eternal life and salvation to utilize the power of conscience?!

When did God know all of the good idea HE/SHE had would go to shit with a creation called “mankind”, that the majority can’t even find the sacredness of a tree, much less of animal and human.?

Today’s human society honors the cell phones, the vehicles, the houses, the flashy riches, the corporate status, and their over inflated self importance more than the breath of each other, animal, and Earth. 

“Fuck um all to HELL! - Says the Great Benevolence”

God must have known... The Big Bang must be involved... The Tao must be the cause and purpose of its own creation!...

If we relax the ego and honestly assume we know nothing, or that we do not know much in the vastness of eternity, we may discover that The God we do or do not believe in has always been looking at us at every turn of experience, hardship, joy, suffering, trial, pain, love, hate, fear, purpose, and discovery. That, this belief or nonbelief, this faith or non-faith has never been other than “THYSELF”.

For the sacred secret of all creation says… “I AM, I make a man so…”

The vast and unfathomable can’t obviously be explained with a mortal and limited brain, and it probably doesn’t exist as we would call “existence”. 

Does it even matter?! Maybe, but because who said so?

Copyright by Author Corwyn R. Jones 2021-2022