The Consciousness Body (Evolved-Creation)

Awareness like Consciousness are words attempting to point to that reality we call life that has no borders or known limits. In fact, we would not be presumptuous to say that Life/Spirit is infinity itself, the Unknown, unknowable, and boundless. 

As awareness training deepens, it not only encompasses intellectual thinking, it also substantiates the body. Awareness becomes the consciousness of "I AM" not only "in" the body, but that I AM the body, the actual matter which is also pure energy only in its condensed state. We can also say, that the conscious awareness knows itself as a solid material and beyond the matter into even the subatomic reality and even beyond that. I call it, "consciousness eating itself and becoming itself". Meditate on this as both your practice and tool:

As the awareness goes deeper within it also refines, it becomes pure consciousness, and it eats itself, awareness encompasses the entire body within and out and is unionised with the entire cosmos. Liberating the ego. Pure energy. The liberated ego is no longer identifying itself as a part, but now it is whole, the whole as life itself.  This more evolved state of being has been called many names such as: the glorified body, the light body, the cosmic body, the rainbow body, the gold Dragon body, the diamond body,  and many other names. Its ramifications are beyond human concepts. 

ἓν τὸ πᾶν   "The All is One"!

Many thanks of humble gratitude to my teachers and guides of both the seen and unseen. 

Copyright 2019-2020 by Corwyn  R.  Jones author and poet