The Logoic Tongue...

As One so speaketh, One so be-comes and IS. 

To beget...


Thy word being also the deed, the cause as past and the purpose as future infinitely creating the other.  The Beginning that is The End. The deed being the bond. Thy word is thy bond. The bond is self . 


When The Word knows no other master than Its Speaker. When The Speaker knows no other law or Cause than Thy Word.  This Is Oneness,  The Creator seeing Itself in Its Creation. 

This is enlightenment, when the creation sees its Source within itself.  This Is awakening, when The image in the Mirror is not another, it is thy self.

This is clarity, that all things are The Image of One. That what One creates is Thy Own Image. 

This is Mastery and The Marvel of marvels, That I Am That I Am, There is truly no "other". 

John 1:1 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

Maakheru (Egyptian) : The True of Voice, The Logos, a god who is THE God. THE Word of Truth that IS The Logic can be realized in the flesh as well as beyond the flesh. The most powerful "Being" is that which can speak into existence instantaneously thy own Word.  The Almighty One (Universal Mind) aka Ancient of Days,  sees itself in the image of its own creation.

As you be-come more and more self honest and self accountable you too rise into The Divine "Being". You Are The Logos itself, the Very Truth embodied. You are accessing all realms, all dimensions, all thought, all space, simultaneously. You are not a theory, speculation, a religion, or an opinion, YOU ARE The Logic itself, The Truth itself, The Universe itself clothed in matter or whatever "form" so willed. You are not an ego, you are not a soul, you are not a spirit, you are not an idea, YOU ARE The very purpose and cause itself. You are the embodiment of THE One, The temple of The Universal Mind. This is Henosis, the evolving Creation. 

"As was handed and is entrusted to The Sincere of Heart. May the truly wicked meet their purpose and cause face to face; may the meek also meet their purpose and cause, face to face." - Your friend and Brother

Humbly written through Corwyn R. Jones 

Copyright by Corwyn R. Jones 2019