Most people have heard some version of this word and term. The old folks would simply say, "what goes around comes around", this phrase represents both universal law and truth. Karma, is an eastern term that means alot more than what the word's concepts can detail.

Karma, can be understood simply like an account of stored debts, balances, and profits (blessings). Every action creates a change in the "karma account".  There are some who have transcended beyond the law of karma, but this kind of being is realized in the illumination of not being born and dying, henosis, this kind of being has ascended beyond the cycles of cause and effect and beyond past and future.

A being that has no karma has become that which does not either come or go,  Simply, they have no "self". Most karmaic debts, balances, and profits (blessings) do not become discernible immediately as in human time concepts, they manifest when their season is ripe and often this season comes when one least expects it to. The time of manifestation for karmaic accounts can even show in a future or past life-time. Though it may be hard to understand or believe, but the karma we can and do create can show up in our past and or our future. Many souls have unknowingly been born into a life course that has been determined by their future or past karma. This is why karma is nothing to take lightly!

A "karma master" is one who does have karma, but has become so well versed and unionized with universal wisdom that they can and do actually manipulate their own fate, in preordained manners. Becoming a karma master is like becoming a coauthor to a book that is written about oneself, the Foremost author being ofcourse The Almighty Ancient One.

A karma master works with The Creator Almighty to write the story that has been already predetermined, in so doing, the actions that create the debts, balances, and profits are calculated so that they are themselves creating each event that follows and is born. A Karma master is a very mysterious folk and they have other names they can go by, they are something like a wizard, priest, warrior, and king all in one. They are like the CEO of a company, the inventor of the company's technology, the laborer, and they are the financial backer, all in ONE.

A karma master can heal and or kill a mortal by will power alone, they can even effect angelic beings. To me, they run close in the ranks of one who is skilled in the "empty force", an ascended master, an angelic being, a celestial being, an enlightened soul, a wise counselor, and a proficient surgeon.  The karma master "converses with the sun at night and the moon during the day".

A karma master has become so self accountable that the universe itself often informs the master of all matters revealing deep secrets.  Even with all of the powers of a karma master, they are still coiled within cause and effect, birth and death, past and future.

The karma master has not yet transcended to the highest rank, but they are certainly on the path to it. You can liken the illuminating path of the karma master like that of the coauthor of a book that is asked to co-write a second book but humbly declines and says, "No, I trust YOU, The One Almighty Author, that whatever that you write is What I would write anyways, you are The Only Author REALLY, I do not even exist fundamentally."

Those who blindly and unconsciously create debts, balances, and profits are left to the whims of their own devices and what they get is usually a chaotic existence. To create profits (blessings) intentionally within the Karmaic Order and karma account is the wisest course to take. To simply cause and to purpose blessings and beneficial circumstances is the mark of a wise and compassionate being. To bring a blessing is to receive a blessing also.

Some will say, "but to create self blessings by intentionally doing good unto others is really motivated by selfish intentions." This statement is true and yet not true, it is true that it is selfish, it is untrue that this kind of selfishness is negatively destructive. When you do good unto others you are really doing the deed to yourself, the same law applies if you were to do wrong to another. You are the other person essentially, because we all come from One and because we all affect each other. To do good to your brother is self beneficial, this is the law of the universe, and to harm your brother is "self destructive".

Author and Copyright By Corwyn Jones 2019