Higher Order

Look at the  heavens, I mean the heavens as in the cosmos. See the order of things, the Solar systems, the galaxies, the arrangement of things and how they obey an order. 

Look at the Earth and its cycles and systems, the order it follows.  Look at the human body and its order, the organization of its parts and their in-sync communication and obedience.  All things have order and even when things appear disorganized or chaotic they naturally arrange back into order eventually, they are magnetically attracted to order itself.  Higher order as it is called here, is the obedience to loftier principles, to higher more Exhaulted laws that are not governed by the likes of mortality. 

As we contemplate and meditate upon loftier ideas and principles into the practice of obeying them and actually becoming the very principles themselves, we transcend in a real way.  In that higher order of transcendence we are met with and commune with the higher forces that dwell in that atmosphere. 

Try to imagine this for just an example : imagine that say "anger" itself was an intelligent force and that anger was the general of other forces like jealousy and rage and retaliation.

By obeying anger and becoming anger itself, you would transcend the human field of matter into something that is an energy force we call anger. In that dwelling anger and its other forces would commune and also dwell upon AND in you.

As you became one with anger and that realm of its Forces you would also bare whatever consequences and orders that anger produces.  The very same example can be said of love, joy, sadness, hope, depression and so on. As a warrior you could imagine "courage" as also a higher order of forces. These orders and organizations are arranged within and through the universe to maintain and explain order itself. One explains AND produces the other and they balance all things.

To commune with "higher forces" here explained also as principles "arranges" the practitioner into that dwelling of those principles As Forces, as "Higher Orders".  As hard as it may be to believe or understand and imagine, principles, emotions, laws, thoughts, and ideas are intelligent orders aka "Forces " that arrange our Universal environment. As your practice deepens you realize that you though flesh are also not "just" flesh but that you are a belonging of higher Order and those Forces.

As warriors we are kept well by the principles AS Principalities that we both entertain and have made guests of "this dwelling".

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Dedicated to a special Mason and a brother... 

Copyright By Corwyn R. Jones 2018