It is difficult to address this topic with the use of ordinary language and the words that we use. To "cut through" is a phrase and term used to describe the event, practice, experience, and  result of being and becoming the most natural, fundamental, and primordial self; being the "you" that has always and will always be before and after any conditions.

People assume that they are already naturally being themselves, however in most cases this is not true.  In most cases people are being and experiencing a false self, a self that has been conditioned and engineered by many things that are not the self. We won't go into all of the countless things that can and do go into conditioning a human mind-body, they are too many to address here and their ramifications are far beyond any words that I can detail.

You can look around at the current world and see for yourself how humans are "conditioned" in many ways. 

Simply put, YOU ARE NOT your conditions. YOU ARE NOT the conditioning. The most authentic you is not what you were taught to believe or what you have lived as habit and practice. You can become what you practice, but is it the authentic "you"?

To Cut through, is the practice of refining the "seeing", it is the process of awareness itself, refining awareness WITH awareness. With beneficial practices, we "cut through" to the most genuine and primordial self by being aware during practice, and then going further still to even refine that awareness with The awareness as THE ONLY SELF. This is key, that Awareness itself is the MOST GENUINE YOU. The old masters would say to not talk about it or try pointing to it because in those actions of talking and using words and ideas to describe the self as pure awareness the awareness itself is lost like a monkey who can't keep still. The conditions and beliefs that we are programmed and ingrained with from the time we are children through adulthood, keep us trapped in the chatters of the mind, emotions, ideas, theories, speculations, and the list goes on. Presence-Awareness itself is liberation, it "cuts through" all that is not natural, primordial, authentic, true, and present.

There are many ways to practice "cutting through" and the practice of "trekcho" as they call it.  One of the best ways to be aware as awareness itself, as consciousness and as "presence" itself and not another "mask" of a person, is to pay attention to your body. Pay attention to your body as a form and within it as a feeling-sense. The body is alive and present, it is not caught away in mind-talk and unsettled disharmonies of past, future, or "imagined experience". The diseases of the body are truthfully introduced by the "disturbed mind". The mind leads the body into activities and lifestyles that are harmful to it. By being aware of the body ONLY, the mind quiets, and because really mind and body are reflections of the other, the body and mind both are quieted, they become still, AS PURE AWARENESS, truth, consciousness, spirit, life, God. It may be hard to imagine that we are pure awareness itself even as forms, but it is true, and it is liberation, we are love itself materialized. As "cutting through" becomes more refined and deepens, you will exist timelessly and without conditions in a way that your imagination or any words and ideas can not really describe in all truth; you will have transcended the "known" and exist in and As The Unknown, Ancient, New, and Present. The most authentic you is awakened, and you do not require anything else. Some traditions call this plane of existence: Paradise, Heaven on Earth, Nirvana, The Celestial body, the glorified body, the rainbow body, the gold dragon body, the diamond body, the perfected body, the Buddha body, The Christ body, and the list goes on, they are trying to describe the body-mind that has awakened into its most divine inheritance. I personally call "it" "The Dark Body" because it is Void-Space, it is the Source of seeing, the source of Light, God's "image". No matter what you call "it", IT is Truth itself.

Copyright By Corwyn R. Jones 2018