Again, just talking about it some...
Dis-ease is exactly that, the dis ease of the mind, body, being. The you that is Not at ease.
If you break it all down in the simplest terms, all illness is simply dis-ease; in fact unhealthy stress is the root cause.
Stress that does not build up and motivate healing is opposed to it, it causes disease.
A very simple and direct way to heal the whole person is to "unplug" from everything that is not beneficial.
Today's world has more than enough distractions and poisons, if we are constantly fed these poisons we cannot help but be toxic and stressed as our way of existing. 
Our very existence becomes dis-ease by the constant in-take of all that is not beneficial to our nature.
Speaking of nature, we are that. We are nature itself clothed with human forms.
To unplug from stress and its disease and to both liberate and ease the whole person, we can do something very simple!
Keep everything simple by the way, it makes all that you are and do that much more powerful and effective.

As a practice that you can do as often as you make the time: Go out into natural atmospheres that have not been poisoned at all or too much, go to  places that are at ease and healthy, go there and unplug your "wiring" from the world's dis-eases. 
Turn away for some time from the news, tv, radio, phones, gadgets, toys, books (even spiritual books), magazines, junk foods, leave any dis-ease behind, only take yourself, healthy drink and food, and persons who seek life, if you choose not to go alone. 
(Keep a cell phone in your bag or car in case of an emergency ofcourse and give others who value you your whereabouts if you go alone, don't be naive.)
In THE subtle magnificence of life itself - - Inhale deeply into your lower belly, hold the breath (prana, ruach, chi, etc...) there for a few seconds, exhale slowly, gently, and calmly; this practice will truly refresh and heal you in ways too incredible for any words. Relax your body, smile gently, observe the calmness, ease, and quietness of life itself, feel it and let it fill you fully, look up at the sky, sun at dusk and dawn, stars and moon at night, birds, trees, and look out at the waters, mountains, lands, and observe all of the creation, every smell and sight, every touch and sensation upon the mind.  Saturate every cell and atom of your body with THE living breathing Life. Turn your very mind into "Life" that has "NO plug ins", purified of all that is not nature. 
Do this as often as you can and be whole and healthy. The so called incurable dis-eases somehow by the grace of Life (Jah/Yah/Spirit) find themselves no longer causing the once sufferer anymore dis-ease. 
It is very interesting how that which is "eased" has no problematic issues. In other words, disease cannot coexist with "ease" with liberation, and with peace.
Death cannot coexist or find reality in "life", as sleep and awake, or light and dark do not co-exist. These deep realities are not actually opposites or polar things, they are segregated ways of how we were taught to perceive reality, eventually we awake and see that there is just Oneness. 
Whole Being is Liberation and has nothing that can harm it, it has no disease of itself, it is the answer, it has no contrary reality.
 Much of what we were ingrained to believe as bonafied reality and fact and truth is actually alot of programming that is designed to keep that plug inserted firmly. 
Go out  into what is NOT programmed or conditioned and be-come again what you already truly are.
Inner cultivation is like introducing "nature" back into the self, making the self again in-to Nature (metamorphosis), natural, whole, not internally segregated. 
May you discover what is true and liberating and wholesome for you and those you say that you love.

Be well and whole, be liberated from ANY dis-ease that may trouble you, whoever may find and read this page. 

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