Words like deeds, are energies...

Words are  frequencies of  forces that solidify reality. By the right words we bless, and by the wrong words we curse, it's the same technology with different repercussions. Even words about things or people that are not heard by anyone are powers in motion, and they return ultimately to their source of origin. With sincere practice  a person can become proficient at blessing others and helping with their healing. The more you do a thing the more it embodies you and you BE-Come the thing. To be a blessing to others means that you have embodied blessing . You have blessed others as a sincere practice and you have blessed yourself as a way of living.  The path has no limits, some who have taken this training deeply can heal others by a mere thought.

信 者

Faith heals self and other.

Be made WHOLE and WELL!

May all you put your hands to succeed .

May you be a blessing to all people, especially those who have blessed you!

May those who Bless you be themselves blessed!

May your family , friends , and strangers  be blessed by your very presence.

May your own inner healing BE  The healing also for others.

May all you dream in goodness Come to BE!