This subject is deep, I try to group the information that comes to me in some kind of coherent thought that is expressed, but I don't succeed in that task all of the time. So please as you read forgive me if it seems broken in areas.  I wanted to speak about the black man and Ascension, but not to do so much as a solitary subject that neglects the interests of the black woman, the Caucasian , the Native American, the European, the Hispanic, the African, the  Asian, and so on. 

Ascension is the Main context of this website besides the poetry that is mentioned on the first page. Ascension is to me key to the evolution, survival and advancement of the human species, the Earth, and this dimension as we collectively know it to be. 

There is an older African man that I know who is dear to my heart, he was born and raised in Nigeria.  I have heard him call "a man" "The Original Black Man".  For a while I did not know what he meant by "original black man".  I did not ask him why, but to The Almighty who formed "that man" I dedicate that tribute. To me, his sentiments meant an originality that has "no face" that can be either understood or defined by mortality.

An originality that had not been labeled by self solidifying any burden of the human perception. In other words, to exist and to live from one's own interpretation of oneself and not by the consensus of society and its inherent fears, troubles, and pleasantries. To not be self defined by any race, creed, or nation, but to be self defined by the self that has unionised with the cosmic order. For What we perceive as self is what we inevitably both attract and create. Self engineering one's reality is the mainstay of conscious ascension.  In so doing and being, we as ascended souls who are thus defined by the universal power and not merely by human perceptions are therefore ascending and advancing upon a new era of human evolution.

An original "black man" as was called, is not really a label of identification but rather he is a model of progression. I credit this kind of advancement to The Almighty One who dwells and becomes through all of the creation. The God who is no god that can be defined by any concepts of "a god". The infinite that had no beginning or end. May His glory manifest through what He wills. 

No religion, belief system, or national pride can replace the original and primordial soul that truly is the salvation of a tribe and nation. The soul being the only real identity and not another stereotypical  label of one's self. It can be very disturbing and even interesting to others who cannot find "your face". Praise Jah! We ascend by consciously nurturing the conscience and by removing the veil of human perceptions that would like to form and define our behaviors, thoughts, dreams, and truths.  We must become Original again. 

There is mention of Afra, the ascended master of Africa who long ago raised the soul vibration of many he came into contact with who thereby passed on that higher frequency of soul-energy. Wether Afra was really a man who walked the Earth or not is not the importance, but what is important is that the story about him resonates deep truths. The truth that no burden of a "face" with one skin tone versus another or one nationality over another can or does define The True Soul that faces The Universal Cosmic Order as One unionised reality. Afra was one with God and therefore he himself a divine being, becoming what he needed to be for not only his tribe but for the Entire Earth. It is like the comic movie "Black Panther ", his own nation was not more important to him than the entire Human community.

Often we ignore the fact that self pride and tribal pride can and does often misplace deeper truths of advancement. We cannot Excel to more profound levels with a veil of ignorance about the universal plan. No past victimization, set-backs, or rituals have dominance over the be-coming that you choose at this very moment. What we are is nothing mankind has seen over fleeting moments, we are glorious phantoms in a very real way, beings too vast to be described in modern tongues.

We as creation and not as a single soul or race, creed, nation, or tribe are Be-coming One with The Cosmic Order that was accomplished at its beginning.  There are ways to both realize power and to also go with what may come as a yielding and not as a slave. There is a way to be a warrior and also a priest. There is a way to be a saint and yet eat with the sinner. There is a way to have national pride and yet not let that pride undermine the glory in All humanity. There is a way to heal and to kill if that need should arise. A time of peace and of war are realities we must learn to patiently obey as we do not force our own perceptions upon the faces of others. We can remove our own veils also that hide the great mystery of Henosis!

Copyright 2018 By Corwyn R. Jones 

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