Warning: This interview could have unknown affects upon the reader's mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical self.


Interview with a Corpse


Interviewer: This is amazingly unusual, OK let me get this right, you are a corpse, a dead body?

Corpse: Yes, that is correct.

Interviewer: OK... what is your name, let's start with that?

Corpse: Call me Thomas.

Interviewer: Why Thomas, was that your name when you were alive?

Thomas: No, you don't understand, I said call me Thomas, that's how you may address this body. The "me" you speak of is not and therefore unnamed. I chose Thomas as the name because of the doubter mentioned within the gospels.

Interviewer: Do you mean Thomas the disciple of Jesus that doubted his resurrection?

Thomas: Yes, that very one.

Interviewer: Wow, that's staggering. I see why you're saying this. So, Thomas is the name of this corpse because you think people will doubt that you are a dead body?

Thomas: Yes and no. Yes Thomas is what you can address the body as, but no it is not so others will believe. Thomas the disciple did not fully grasp his encounter until his own death as well as the others who Jesus visited after his rising from the tomb. Thomas is the name because it is appropriate to your encounter with this body as it was for him with that dead body.

Interviewer: So you're saying I do not believe just as Thomas did not?

Thomas: Correct, but we will cover much more much sooner if you will refrain from asking questions you yourself know. Speak to me directly from your center.

Interviewer: My center?

Thomas: Yes, the center of your totality, of your essence, your honest being. Feel it don't think it, and then speak from that.

Interviewer: That's deep, I almost don't understand what you mean, but yet I do.

Thomas: Of course you understand, get your thinking out of the way. I already told you, Thomas is what you can call the body, however I am not, and I am nothing. Since I am nothing who are you really speaking with?

Interviewer: I don't get your point or meaning.

Thomas: Yes you do, you doubt. Since I am nothing... now feel honestly.

Interviewer: Are you saying you are me?

Thomas: Yes in a way, I am the honest essence that is nothing, pure of thought or concept, no ego. So you already have that at your center, so again as I asked of you, speak from there.

Interviewer: OK, makes sense now.

Thomas: Smiling.... it never did not make sense.

Interviewer: Touché.

Thomas: Why are you here interviewing me?

Interviewer: Well you say you are dead, a body, I want to know more.

Thomas: Look at the question I asked you, do you see I already knew before asking?

Interviewer: Yea I knew that.

Thomas: So why did you entertain my question I already knew, why play a game?

Interviewer: Not sure I guess all people do that, they ask what they know and answer even when they know others already know. It's just human.

Thomas: Exactly. It's human, the old human, but your honest center is direct, quiet, powerful, and total. It is the nothing that all things may arise from, even thought. I am teaching you.

Interviewer: Yes, makes perfect sense. So you asked so that I would see that?

Thomas: Exactly, all true understanding is self-taught, I just pointed to it. Be honest in the essence, in the center, and you shall have access to the here and after, all knowing without thinking or an ego. So much is possible for humans when they are genuine, free of the pretending ego. Most people pretend all day long from the work place to the home, and rarely glimpse their own true self. Be powerfully honest. A hypocrite is the dishonest, very weak, dishonest with self and of course others, they seek their own punishment by pretending to others, then they have their full in self-suffering

Interviewer: Wow!

Thomas: Yes... wow.

Interviewer: So Thomas, how did you die?

Thomas: OK, I will play this game with you.

Interviewer: Laughing.

Thomas: I do not know. I mean death, I do not know it. This is a body, I am not. Do you understand?

Interviewer: You are not the body?

Thomas: I am not the body, so death of it I do not know. I simply am.

Interviewer: How does it move if it is dead?

Thomas: If it is dead? Smiling... it is dead my friend. It moves because of me, of course.

Interviewer: You? I am confused again.

Thomas: Human life is full of self-suffering, suffering of self. End the pretentious contradiction. You are confusing yourself. I am life, honesty, essence, spirit, nothing, all that you cannot define into a word. I am why the corpse moves, you can even say that I am movement and stillness.

Interviewer: That is profound to say the least.

Thomas: Yes, it is.

Interviewer: Are you God?

Thomas: God, gods, forces, energy, all of that. You are stuck at thought, feel instead.

Interviewer: But God is divine all powerful, in heaven, right?

Thomas: This game is boring. Who's god? How many gods? Which heaven? You limit by thought the obviously limitless and infinite essence. You dishonor God in that way. Most humans do. You will get bored of the game eventually.

Interviewer: I'm without words.

Thomas: Good start.

Interviewer: Do you have family or friends?

Thomas: Smiling... of course. But that's not your real question. You want to know if others know about this body.

Interviewer: Yes.

Thomas: Some few do, but they like you like to play. So we entertain that sometimes.

Interviewer: You say we, we who?

Thomas: We. The we that is one and all.

Interviewer: Were you buried ever, was there a funeral?

Thomas: I told you, I do not know death. So how could there be a service?

Interviewer: If there was no service or funeral, how do you know the body is dead?

Thomas: It is a body, a corpse, a shell, empty; I am its life and movement.

Interviewer: So if you were not there it would fall down?

Thomas: Yes, now you're getting serious. When humans die they really wake up, they see their true essence, it frightens most of them for a long time, and they remain in denial. We call them restless ghosts or spirits. When humans get serious about their honest center before death, then they have the opportunity to be as I am. Living though dead. Appreciation for the body as the temple of God is rare among human kind.

Interviewer: You mean they cannot die?

Thomas: I'm saying to not know death, the denial, and the ghost. End the contradiction, there is usually some kind of a body here and after. The real mystery is the pervading self-essence. See your totality now, don't wait to see your corpse buried or burned.

Interviewer: What about accidents or murder? I mean can you be killed or fall to some kind of accident that could kill you?

Thomas: No accident or incident is a coincidence, all events happen for reasons. When you understand that you are a magnetic force that draws into your experience what you project and attract then you can determine your so called fate, all that occurs is really self-created. If this body were to be targeted for killing or somehow fell to accident, it would require just as anybody to be reanimated by the force of the all Source you call God. The divine plan is beyond human reasoning, if there is a greater purpose then this body could be raised just as any. It takes a great deal of energy-force to re-enter the body and to raise it, even when you sleep there is an automatic attraction that raises you up and you are unconscious of that, a force so great you would not believe it, much greater than even the energy of a star.

Interviewer: This is amazing. Are you also what easterners call chi or life force?

Thomas: Yes, that and much more, physical, psychic, spiritual, emotional, all energy, all forces, even angelic.

Interviewer: You mean there are even angels in there?!

Thomas: Angels and demons. Smiling.... all forces are before God's majesty. You know that already.

Interviewer: So what about heaven and hell?

Thomas: Obviously they are conditions, states of awareness and being. They are not things or places with borders. If they have borders they are self-created. We form walls and the things they enclose.

Interviewer: Can you leave that body?

Thomas: Yes, of course. So can you.

Interviewer: How!?

Thomas: You do it every time the body sleeps, you slide away, you call it sleeping, it is a soft death.

Interviewer: And dreams are....?

Thomas: Dreams are travels, realms you visit, dimensions. When you learn to dream consciously they become intentional departures. A warrior learns to glimpse those precious moments between the sleep and wake state, you can learn to see your true nature.

Interviewer: Amazing.

Thomas: There is much beyond the ego, the said way things should be, existence is boundless, most humans do not tap into this bounty, and miss the boat. Your mission should be to become as I am.

Interviewer: You mean dead?

Thomas: Do I look dead?

Interviewer: Actually you look rather luminous, radiant, young, and vibrant.

Thomas: You describe the body, and rightly so, when you awaken as I did, you too in body look this way. Decay of the body and sickness is the result of unconscious living in it, lack of your honest presence, lack of body love and appreciation. The radiance you see is God's presence making itself known. The body is empty, dead, a corpse.

Interviewer: Was this the same message of Jesus, to live consciously?

Thomas: Yes. The message of Jesus, the man they called Buddha, and many more seers and holy persons. They healed others by transmitting the honesty of self. But don't miss the point; it is your message also. Your honest totality into the world and beyond its borders.

Interviewer: Well, I am overwhelmed, I have so many more questions but oddly they have escaped me.

Thomas: Good good, you are waking up, you already have the answers, the questions escaped you and rightly so. Be thankful, be joyful for that peace.

Interviewer: One thing just came to my mind. Is there good and bad or the devil?

Thomas: I am that I am. Each body has this choice that proof to self. Darkness is the absence of light, and light chases the darkness away. Your will and intention create realities that you must endure. The devil your god, your good and evil are self-evident, as you are the living witness of choice. Since you have choice, you must be divine.

Interviewer: So teachings about all of those things are false?

Thomas: There is no false or true perse in this case, it is void, irrelevant in the scheme of it all, perception rules the day. God is all, life is all, you are all, darkness and evil are absences of your light and presence, and you affect all things. That is why I told you that within you is all knowing. Even the bible says that Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden tree of knowledge. Same as I told you, the game is the self-suffering. Why seek what you already have? Satan is that force of ego that detaches from the all of life, it is a force, but not a literal dragon somewhere. All potentials are in you.

Interviewer: So is this what Jesus meant when he said that God's kingdom is within us.

Thomas: Exactly! Good job! If the scripture was expounded upon it would say that God's kingdom is also within and through all things. You have to realize that Jesus could only reveal so much to them then, they were rather dense because of the times, after all they didn't have Google then. (Interviewer and Thomas laughing)

Interviewer: That's true, and I see God has a sense of humor.

Thomas: Of course God has humor, it is spiritual, and humor can have a halo or horns.

Interviewer: So the kingdom of God is our inner power?

Thomas: Correct, the world is not changed into a better place by money, fame, war, and greed. It is changed positively when people awaken from the sleep of unconsciousness and dishonesty of self. That is the death proof state.

Interviewer: Do you have special powers or supernatural abilities?

Thomas: It's easier than you think, there is greater wisdom, greater discoveries if you are willing to go beyond the ego, past your sense of control. When we are not limited in form, all is possible given proper will. Miracles are expressions of the true self's nature.

Interviewer: I am blown away! What should I do?

Thomas: Go now, share what you have witnessed, and then be in joy and in silence, and in heavenly abodes with me.

Interviewer: I will.


 By Corwyn R. Jones Copyright 2016-2019