The "Real" Jesus...

Jesus said to his disciples: Make a comparison to me, and tell me whom I am like. Simon Peter said to him: Thou art like a righteous angel. Matthew said to him: Thou art like a wise man of understanding. Thomas said to him: Master, my mouth will no wise suffer that I say whom thou art like. Jesus said: I am not thy master, because thou hast drunk, thou hast become drunk from the bubbling spring which I have measured out. And he took him, went aside, and spoke to him three words. Now when Thomas came to his companions, they asked him: What did Jesus say unto thee? Thomas said to them: If I tell you one of the words which he said to me, you will take up stones and throw them me; and a fire will come out of the stones and burn you up.

"The Gospel of Thomas"

There have been so many arguments and debates regarding whether the biblical Jesus actually existed or not, and even more than that, our Earth has many contrary beliefs and religions that all claim to honor and "follow" this man and biblical figure. Just take some time and try to count as many so called Christian faiths as you can, here are just a hand-full, each with contrary beliefs and doctrinal teachings:

First Adventists, Methodists, Lutherans, Protestants, Baptists, Catholics, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science, Mormons, Church of Christ, etc...

It is a surprise that all of these and more "Christian faiths" read of the same book basically, but have different beliefs and doctrinal teachings, what amazes us more is that they missed the command to stay away from creating branches of "the faith" in Revelation chapter 2 (Nicolaitans/sectarianism). 

"The Faith" that Jesus spoke of was not another group of doctrines or beliefs, it was the core of the heart that he taught must want and abide in "TRUTH". 

Jesus knew that allegorical principles are nothing an ego will grasp, but a pure intending heart will "SEE TRUTH".

Whether Jesus existed or not becomes an irrelevant debate when the principle teachings are our main focus.

"Jesus" was actually a common Jewish name in the time period, but most who read the things like "doing this or that in my name, etc..." do not realize that the biblical Jesus was referring to "His name" being truth itself. Having embodied truth through the core of his heart and mind, "his name" was not the common name "Jesus", but he was referring to The Universal name we call "TRUTH", God, The Source, and The Way.

People debate about whether Jesus meant that he was the savior or not, or whether if he were God or not, and none of these things are true or even correct within his messages. Jesus was pointing to the fundamental truth that all humankind have "God", Life, flowing in them and through them, and that THIS Truth was to be rooted not only in the actions, words, and ideas of the mind, but also in the very essence of the heart's force.

Salvation was always meant to include and never to exclude anything or anyone who would have a heart with eyes! Jesus did not preach or teach religion, he taught the expression of unconditional compassion for all things; he did not say one doctrine over another or one belief or another was superior, for he knew these things would always be debatable within perspectives and contexts. The truth stood as visible as daylight when it came to how we treat the Earth, each other, and all things. For example, he often scolded the religious leaders within the Jewish community for teaching strict law of the commandments from Moses and yet they lacked the deeper more essential truths like: mercy, kindness, faith, forgiveness, and love. The religious leaders were petty and they actually caused demonic forces of depression, guilt, shame, fear, hate, and self pity to reign within the minds and hearts of the weak. Jesus taught from his own example the art of mercy and universal compassion, he made it clear that no religious belief systems would ever be superior to love itself. "For all the law hangs on Love"...

"My Father and I are One", "Before Abraham, I AM", statements like these that he made were also pointing to the universal truth that God has never been or could ever be a separate existence from ALL existence and existing beings. This being the truth, there was never a capable "middle-man" to salvation, which is also why he said that, "anyone who wants to follow me and inherit the kingdom, must pick up HIS OWN torture stake". Wait a minute, but so - called Christian religions have taught us that ONLY one torture stake satisfied salvation and forgiveness!!! Jesus never told anyone that by his death ALONE they were acquitted of self accountability or of having to do their own work upon their own hearts! Why do we rather be sweetened by false narratives than to desire THE TRUTH!?

The salvation of mankind has always been dependent upon our own ways towards self and others, God has never taken our self accountability away, for we are NOT robots built with no "self choice". Though our choices do have limitations, we cannot justly push our accountability elsewhere - upon God, "The Devil", another human being, organization, religion, alien, or anything else. The fact that we can choose is already the evidence of divine authority within us as active power (will).

The REAL Jesus was and is a man with all of the greatness and vulnerability that humankind have, the superman idea of Jesus was never his intention. Some will say, well he was able to rise from the dead, walk through walls, raise the dead, heal the sick, walk upon water etc... so this means he was a superman or God himself. This is not the truth... Jesus may have and definitely could have done all of these miracles through his vessel, but then again many before and even after him have done the same and even greater things, which he himself admitted they could and would do. Take for example the prophets Elijah, Moses, Elisha, Aaron, and many many more; they never met the Jew named Jesus (until The Last Days) and have not heard of any of his accomplishments and attainments, and yet the prophets did the same kinds of feats of power, so what justifies us to make Jesus the "only man" God showed the universal POWER through? We have no justification when making Jesus the very idol he had forbidden against.! In fact, we are not justified making anyone or anything an idol when Love, Life, and Truth are living through everything and everywhere just AS God The Universal Power (SOURCE) must BE!

If Jesus were to show up on the modern scene today, most would not recognize him because of the false narratives stemming from teachings of the Council of Nicea, doctrinal beliefs, traditions of sects, and overall confusion to this man's real teachings.

The Real Jesus would appear to be a simple, humble man who has peered deeply into the frailty of his own being to discover that the small human ego is not the grand scheme, but instead just a glimmer of the various creative works that God has made. His compassion and humility mark his wisdom and self honesty. 

"The sacred work of the Shaman, healer, or priest is not in his limited and imagined self worth, but in his unlimited valuing of the community (world) in which he serves even more so". 

Prophetically "two men" symbolically (biblically) represented as Moses and Elijah (transfiguration testimony) during THE Last Days of the old world actually meet Jesus face to face, as the 3 of them are transformed into the inconceivable nature that all things fundamentally are. They are Neither flesh or Spirit only... but conceptual images of God's purpose at play during the last paradigm shift. Like Jesus, many seers and prophets have returned and have always been here to proclaim the same universal truths, nothing has changed in the message, the only thing that can change and has to change is the human heart and the human global consciousness. These prophets serve as catalyst for these kinds of shifts, along with "serving beings that come from distant places" arriving and already here.

Copyright by Author Corwyn R. Jones 2022