The Presence...

"Now", is always fleeting, we try to catch it and it is never the same now as that second that has just passed before we can even call it "Now".

The Presence is all pervasive, everywhere, anytime, all times. The Presence is like The Now except that it has no timing.

The Now is about timing which requires time, space, and even objects. We can not perceive time without matter and the space that matter dwells within.

The Presence is ETERNAL, everlasting, time, space, and matter can not and do not bare on it, they can only orbit The Presence.

The Presence is all of the things we can see, smell, hear, taste, feel, and intuit at any given moment as ONE energy field, and at even the moments where time is still or non existent, for example in dreams.

The Presence is The Source of all Things, why? It is The Source because nothing is perceived without it, there is no thing or perception without The Presence or "Observer".

How can anything be perceived without The Perceiver, The Witness, The Observer, The Presence?

Some will say, "that things exist without my observation", this is a foolish statement possibly due to not knowing that most is UNKNOWN. There is no observation that the perceiver can observe without their Witness, without Their Presence. If we say it was observed yet not by ourselves, we are still claiming that it was observable by someone, somewhere, somehow; we THE OBSERVER still observes observation by observers; AN Observer still remains The Denominator of Reality. 

The Presence is not just a small ego structure clothed with flesh and bones and concepts. The Presence is Universal and it is in all things and through all things, even when we "a thing" is no more. "THE OBSERVER" remains, eternal...

To realize The Presence, there must be total surrender to all that can be perceived, there must be a letting go to the vastness of Perception itself, as if Perceiving itself were a great BEING that we have been swallowed by.

The Ancient Toltec warriors would call this kind of shift in perception as, "being devoured by The Wisdom Eagle's Beak", in other words, to be devoured by PURE AWARENESS itself thereby Be-coming pure awareness itself. 

Tread impeccably with sacred honor, This is a path full of danger, turmoil, joy, awe, and amazement!

By Corwyn R Jones 2022