You "Are" Space, Time, Matter. Nothing. 

You are The truth itself...

The Matter: as physical energy that you are is obvious as "body mass", and mass is ofcourse condensed energy.

The Time: that you are is always "now", all experience, perception, and existing is only in now and as now, you are not only in the now, you Are The Now. 

You are "Now-Energy", All is The Energy AS Now. Time, space, matter, energy is one unified field we call "now". I sometimes like to refer to it as "the already", because it transcends all concepts of time that has happened, is happening, or will happen. All matter-energy is ultimately also The source of matter-energy. The Infinite, Now... IS

The Space: that you are is also the time-matter, which is only perceptible because of space and as space.
Space being nothing, only the time-matter actually is. Even the smallest particles of matter/energy are existing in relation to the space of each other which they all are actually one energy field of "space".

For example: If you can imagine being in infinite space as a body that is discernible with no other objects, that body is all that is. In fact your very body would not be discernible visibly. Even if that body were to "move" it would not be discernible as "movement" either because there are no other objects or matters of energy that your body has any "spacial" relationship to. Even reaching out, you would feel the body the same as reaching in, because the perception of mind and body have become "space". The body and mind are reflections of one another, being one field of energy.
So, space is only actually the body's relativity to "other". As just body mass/energy it is also "all space". There is no "other" in space or "as space", the matter, time, space are One. It is difficult to conceive of "nothing" because nothing is no conception.

Try to find "THE Almighty God" that has no beginning, end, and is everything everywhere. The very act and intention of searching to find that which is The ONLY "IS", is delusion and illusion. The searcher must eventually realize they are seeking The One who is doing the very search. Then what should one do? Nothing. Since one cannot actually "do" nothing, the vast nothingness is simply realized As all That "Is".

By Corwyn R. Jones 2020