This page addresses the topic of "Spirit embodiment"

We can set a few word markers, just to keep us able to recognize some coherency of thought: 
Spirit = Life, Consciousness, God, Universal Mind, The Unknown and Unknowable, Love, Source.
Embodiment = the manifestation, indwelling, and personification of the Subject objectively "as body".

Source aka Consciousness, life, God, Spirit, etc... obviously can Not be "other than" its creation fundamentally, since the creation or "body" is the very materialized or manifested nature of its Source. They are not really 2... but One.

To embody Spirit, is kind of a twist of thought, because the body is Already Source/Spirit materialized, if we are speaking of a human body relatively, obviously this would be so of any manifestation. The very existence itself as a body (person) IS the Source.

Unfortunately conditioning based on false or misconstrued ideas hide and confuse the most obvious truth and fact of reality, namely that: The creation is the very manifestation of its Creator. The Creator and the creation are reflections of each other, not 2 separate identities. The diversity of Creation is the unfathomable diversified nature of Source, but still One.
This was the message of Jesus, Swami Ramalingam, Bodhidharma, Siddhartha Gautama, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, and countless other awakened persons. 

Henosis is a word that is attempting to describe the process of union, but the  "already, Not other than" is not a process to connect two making them One. The Source is Also The creation therefore already One.

Less aware and conscious teachings advise the listeners to misidentify "self-ego" as either "the Only god" or that The Source is separate from its creation and "other than" ; as if The Source had gone to its local hardware store to build and manifest the creation. Ridiculous as that sounds, that is the conditioned mind of a great majority of humankind. Source is neither other than the body and it is not exclusively bound to "any-body". Source IS vastness itself and the unfathomable itself, the very nature of the unknowable and unknown.

Religion has separated "God" or Jehovah/Yaweah (Hebrew translation) from life and the very human nature itself; so that's why people get confused when the similarities of the stories of various traditions are heard. There was never a "true God" for only the Jews... Any human who sought truth... Made union with Source was and always will be "The Awakened One". That's why Jesus said in John chapter 4: in summary - that it doesn't matter from what nation, city, temple, mountain, or creed one came from, to "The Samaritan" woman. What actually matters is the "truth of soul". Such a soul, Spirit Seeks! No religion or particular nation was superior. That's the fundamental truth most are unaware of.

Though it is difficult to believe or wrap our brains around, the truth is that physical reality is still energy that is also Source.
All forces, spirits, entities, planets, stars, ideas, thoughts, creation, ARE Source. This re-identification is correction of the conditioned mind and heart that has been said needs "atonement". True atonement is not realized because 1 or 1 million men have died, or because a religious belief is adopted, though that be the mass consensus among professing religious belief systems. Atonement means At-one-ment, the union or awareness that Source has never been or could be other than its Creation, its reflection. This at-one-ment and union identification IS salvation, it is love.

In truth, the man Jesus for example, was not teaching believe in me the man only as your salvation, but to AWAKEN and follow The "Embodiment of Spirit", that is what "Christ" actually means, to awaken The anointed ONE. To reveal and manifest through self via self and body the Universal Love, As One, in One, through One, as all actually Already IS ONE. God through You, As you, and All that you perceive, especially in others and in your reflection. Any righteous angel, Satan, demon, or other force of spirit is still the manifestation of Our own ways... we either show our horns or our halos, but either way we already wear crowns.

Separation of The Creation is The Veil of Illusion... "Consciousness is Everything, The One."

Please also refer to the book written through Corwyn R. Jones entitled "No Path to the Being"

Many humble thanks of immeasurable count to the brothers and sisters of both the seen and unseen! 
Your love IS The blessing! 
A New better world arises because you have taken self-accountability away from an outer God or Devil and into your very OWN reflection, honestly!

Be blessed, well, and whole anyone who stumbles upon this website or was invited here!

Copyright by Author: Corwyn R. Jones, 2020