The kingdom of God, Shambala, The Tao, Nirvana...

The absolute or Infinite Source must also be all that Is. Fundamentally everything finds its origin in The Source of its very existence. THE Existence is also here referred to as "The Kingdom of God, Nirvana, Shambala, The Tao, etc..."

"The Kingdom of God" is a rather Judeo-Christian concept and Nirvana, Shambala, and Tao are Taoist and Buddhist concepts; they ALL basically mean the domain or dimension of bliss and absolute wholeness or union. The various names as "separated concepts of union" is the very issue of the unrealized nature of BEING.

Everything being "THE Existence" itself and Vastness itself... the various things, including: mind, matter, energy, beings, objects, and subjects must still be fundamentally and intrinsically THE Absolute Source which has no beginning or ending. When we dive-in to see from this perspective there is no separation of the Existence or polarities between the various manifestations/creations. Being The Source inherently, they neither exist nor do not exist as framed concepts bordered by thoughts that are conditioned based on the "idea of separation".

We hereby declare boldly, that your spiritual (root of the physical) Existence was neither created nor is it destroyed. It neither exists or non-exists as anything the conditions of thought can determine. 

The glory and bliss of The Kingdom of God or Nirvana, etc... whichever you want to name it, or any other name, is that which is so pristine, ancient, and new, that no thought of mind or force of energy can give "IT" limits. "IT" is the pureset nature of mind itself!

By Corwyn Jones 2021