The benefits are these... A forest-dwelling bhikkhu who has given attention to the perception of forest can obtain hitherto unobtained concentration, or preserve that already obtained. And the Master is pleased with him, according as it is said: “So, Nágita, I am pleased with that bhikkhu’s dwelling in the forest” . And when he lives in a remote abode his mind is not distracted by unsuitable visible objects, and so on. He is free from anxiety; he abandons attachment to life; he enjoys the taste of the bliss of seclusion, and the state of the refuse-rag wearer, etc., becomes him. He lives secluded and apart, Remote abodes delight his heart; The Saviour of the world, besides, He gladdens that in groves abides. The hermit that in woods can dwell Alone, may gain the bliss as well Whose savior is beyond the price Of royal bliss in paradise. Wearing the robe of rags he may Go forth into the forest fray; Such is his mail, for weapons too The other practices will do. One so equipped can be assured Of routing Mára and his horde. So let the forest glades delight A wise man for his dwelling’s site. - From "THE PATH OF PURIFICATION"

The word Shaman finds its origin in Russian mysticism, but most people think it comes from Native American culture. The Shaman is a Seer, one who has unusual or profound awareness and insight. The insight that a Shaman has may actually be within the normal range of human perception, but the Shaman sees in an unordinary way compared to the mass census of the population. The Shaman's awareness/perception does not stop or even begin within the everyday conceptions and conditions of human thought and ideas; the Shaman sees beyond many veils though using the same perceptive tools that all humans normally possess.

The Shaman has been traditionally known for their ability to teach or guide others within their tribes and communities to see beyond the superficial and into the condition of THE appreciated. For The Shaman, everyday things that humans perceive can become great allies as well as tools for growth and healing (creative evolution). For such a being, even wisdom, knowledge, and virtue can be powerful tools as well as weapons when necessary.

Some may wonder and ask how can virtue and wisdom for example become weapons and tools. These forces can become weapons when the application is used to fight with the use of insight; they can become tools simultaneously when arranging circumstances to best meet adversity and navigating challenges. This kind of training is what a Shaman practices almost constantly. There is comparably no scientist, soldier, army, or military strategist more advanced than the ascetic who applies their spiritual training in everyday life...

Often the Shaman, Yogi, Seer, Mystic, and Priest, which all mean the same thing fundamentally, will call upon their awareness and wisdom to help in the self-healing of others and to protect the less advantaged. If The Shaman belongs to a tribe or community that enlists their services, the Shaman will provide their "God given" insight, because they are consciously unionized with The Universal they are readily dependable. For example, in times of war, The Shaman may sense/see that the enemy has many warriors that fear snakes just as an example. The Shaman may then inform the supporting tribe that gathering 100s or 1000s of snakes to deploy while the enemy sleeps into their camp grounds will create just the opening for attack as the enemy is confused with panic and their morbid fear of snakes. This is just a small example of the power behind the Warrior Mystic, as he/she utilizes their insight as weaponry. For example in healing, The Seer/Shaman, will teach others the power of self-healing over servitude to false narratives. By teaching others to "fish for themselves instead of simply giving them fish to eat", the Shaman guides the meek to find unlimited abundance. The Shaman may give a gift here and there, but they will not allow the pupil(s) to rely on them for what must become self-sufficiency, which is ultimately freedom.

Harriet Tubman was a Shaman and many do not know that when they read of her history. She was an African descendent in the 1800s in the time of the American slave industry. She may not have called herself a Shaman, as no legitimate Shaman ever does, for they are only named so by those who witness their work. Harriet was quoted saying that, "I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves."  Harriet like most Seers, cannot make others self-heal or have faith in the inconceivable, she could only serve as a guide to self-liberation and universal union. The individual themselves have to utilize the tools of The Shaman as their own and become the very blessing unto themselves as they would like to see in others and in their world.

The Practices of The Shaman, Yogi, Seer, Priest, etc... has to be so personal and awe inspiring that no other path could be more true for themselves. The many various rituals and ceremonies were never meant to replace the work of self-accountability, self-honesty, and universal compassion that inevitably grows from a humble heart.

Many so-called Shaman and spiritual leaders will speedily with arrogance say that they do NOT fear the Inconceivable, God, Universal, Source, and fundamental essence of All things. The reality is that these Charlatans are without true awareness that is not really hard to find. Let's take for example this illustration into the "unknown and unfathomable" (Physical-Spirit), let's say you meet a very long rope descending from a lofty, deep, and gigantic cloud in the sky. From this rope you can ascend into the cloud above, but in your deepest gut feeling you are aware that although this rope leads to "God", Source, Universal awareness etc... it also requires that the ego or self-identity be swallowed by THE inconceivable. You know somewhere in your awareness that this rope leads to a state where all that you ever thought you knew becomes obsolete and almost futile, that the very notions of self, reality, and all things meets an Unknown newness that you could never appreciate within the frame of being an individual entity. All of the so-called good that you ever conceived of is nothing that meets the truth once you enter that unknown territory, so the confidence in expected "goodness", wrath, bad, evil, or any other concept is also voided by The Unconceived. 

A legitimate and sincere Shaman is aware that their own awareness itself is unaware of the vast and inconceivable truth that awaits all things in the Void that holds all things in its bosom. The fear of God is not in the fear of a deity high above, it is the fear of the ego's demise when it meets its SOURCE, when the awareness within these fleshly containers has to meet The very Essence that creates both the containers (bodies) and all of the contents (life) of anything. The Shaman's wisdom doesn't stop at fear, because fear for The Shaman is their greatest ally and tool; they will use their refined energy and impeccability to allow fear as their alignment and guide. By seeing the same rope ascending into unknown territory, the Shaman will approach with reverence, sacred honor, meekness, and most of all humility. The Shaman is aware that this "proverbial rope" always exists in our path and shows at unexpected times along the destiny; with this truth at the heart's core, The Shaman approaches all things with "sacred honor", even seemingly mundane things like greeting others, or cleaning their homes. The Shaman, like all humankind, should abide in the truth that The Inconceivable is ALWAYS just a thin veil away by a shift in Awareness.

Blessings, honor, and a kneeled knee with bended head to my mentors, allies, friends, ancestors, guides, and most of All My Creator.

May the contents of my work be your work, in disguise only.

Copyright by Corwyn R. Jones 2022