Spiritual Practice / Sadhana

The old beloved masters would say that, "different types of practice lead to different kinds of immortality", aka different practices lead to different kinds of existence. 
Those existences are various dimensions of consciousness or Spirit, each dimension of spirit or consciousness has a "body" or better said, a vehicle of manifestation...
What we practice, do, feel, think, etc... ultimately forms the "next" vehicle of consciousness, and it (the vehicle)  itself is also a dimension of consciousness. 
"Everything is consciousness" as the Shiva sutra Declares!
Transcendence and ascendence is consciousness, making itself a new "vehicle" for a new paradigm and a new state of Be-coming. 
That being said, what will not serve the progression of mankind and the universe(s) is worn-out, and must be let go into The Eternal Vastness as all things ultimately are anyways.

We dare to proclaim that the Salvation of a soul is always in this Eternal moment as Consciousness!

By Corwyn Jones