Planes of Existing

In our world we have countless contradictions. Should we consider contradiction as a set-back or negative thing? I'm not too sure we should jump to any conclusions. Personally, I have found that jumping to conclusions before real data has been assessed and carefully studied is foolish.

This being said, we find contradictions in many aspects of life. For example:

"All is One"
"The separated parts are a whole"
"God is The Source of The Devil's existence"
"There was Darkness before light, The Darkness is The Source of The Light"
"A way is lost so that a true path is found"
"Loss is gain"
"The wealthy are often poor, and the poor are often rich"
The list of "contradictions" are likely endless!

The contradiction, that many planes of Existing or Existence are here now, and yet they remain obscure and unknown is also a contradiction, and truth.

We could look at the states of consciousness or awareness as layers of a cake. When we eat a cake with layers, obviously we don't separate the layers to eat the One cake. Likewise, consciousness on any "level" must still be All levels as One. The differences we perceive are mostly biased positions we have taken based on our experiences and our conditioning.

A man with no religion or political position, sees no other man as either inferior or superior to his own nature. He doesn't perceive a heaven or hell in which he or others belong.

Separated perception is neither a good or bad thing, it is just another way of seeing the parts that are still the whole picture. We get confused along the way when we actually believe and make conviction to these contradictions. If it is both contradiction and also truth, then what is the point of trying to attach oneself to any position? If you are seen as a demon to one person and yet as an  angel to still another person, does it even matter anymore what you say or do? It matters, but only because you the One observer of the many levels has said so.

One person's good deed may be exactly what caused another person's suffering...

Reality is like this, there is a union in all things, and yet there is obviously disunion and duality everywhere, even in the "highest of heavens and in the deepest of hells".

Can you imagine yourself liberated of all of the contradictions? Can you imagine yourself on the many levels of Existing and yet you have not moved from the very place in which you stand now? Can you imagine being free of all of the stories, beliefs, opinions, and teachings that you yourself have not personally experienced or have become the embodiment of? Can you imagine doing the work that only your soul attests to, and allowing that path to take you where it may, with no more of a rigid ego that has any expectations or judgements? Can you imagine eating only the foods you really know are beneficial to your evolution? Can you imagine only being whatever the universal Wisdom wants? Can you imagine that being all of this is not something that you aren't already now, even though you contradict them all?

Be well, clear, healed, and abundant.

Copyright by Author Corwyn R. Jones 2020