Does one's own vision matter?

That may seem like an easy answer, but often we hear that what one perceives is their own "right", their own opinion, and their own truth. The writer thinks that one's perception matters, not only for self but for the world.

We all come into this Earth plane and have a vision, a vision we either are conditioned with, adopt, or find within our nature. These visions inevitably affect not only our own reality, but the reality of others and the Earth.

Many years ago, scientists realized through experimentation that awareness as observation (the observer by observation alone) effects the particle wave of electrons, which are the "walls" of atoms, and atoms of course are the particles of reality (physical reality). In this realization, there was a small peek into the vast truth that the observer (witness) can and does affect atleast the physical reality. Since the particles of energy that make-up matter also bleed into ever subtle forms of energy into the unfathomable, we could reasonably say that the matter observed is also the unknown spiritual (metaphysical) reality.

Science has also realized through real-time data analysis that DNA, the blueprint of cells, is affected by thoughts and experiences. The DNA that encodes our physical bodies also reflects the perceptions we take on as "vision". Our visions are then taken on as our way of thinking, interacting, and ultimately our perception of the world (reality). This "vision" we each have not only lives within our brains, but it is the action we take into the world. We can see how what we think, act, feel, and become manifests the very reality that we "perceive"; it is a case of eating ourselves (symbolized as The Ouroboros). 

What a man/woman/child perceives is what they create and what they live...

To create a blessing, one must be-come The blessing. An "evil vision" does not create a "blessed reality".

Fire produces heat, movement creates energy, our perceptions manifest realities that we then endure.

How and what we perceive is largely influenced by our body make-up and our mental disposition. What we mentally entertain also becomes a feeling sense throughout the soul-being. Our hearts are the eyes of our soul, and our soul is what the heart really is. What we feed the mind and body inevitably becomes what the heart is transformed into and vice versa. Our perceptions as observers is choice and responsibility, self accountability.

Simply, as individuals and as a society of human-kind, we create our individual and collective realities.

It is not a presumptuous statement to DECLARE that, Truth is What is Created and Observed as The Observer's reflection.

Long ago and even now, many seers, prophets, and wise folk would say that "God", is The Ultimate mirror! For example: 2 Corinthians chapter 3.

Book of Thomas verse 6:

His disciples questioned him and said to him, "Do you want us to fast? And how shall we pray? Shall we give alms? And what kind of diet shall we follow?" Jesus said, "Do not lie, and do not do what you hate. For all things are disclosed before heaven. For there is nothing obscure that will not be shown forth, and there is nothing covered that will remain without being disclosed." - Young master Yeshua/Jesus

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Blessing, Peace, and Love to You!

Copyright By author/poet Corwyn R. Jones 2020