OM... The UNIVERSAL Sound, frequency...

People may say, "CJ, bro, you have written alot about various things these days, and I may reply, "these are the times and seasons"...

Sound requires vibration, and vibration requires movement, and movement requires frequency, and frequency requires intention. Intention requires The Inconceivable.

The universal sound (AUM/OM) and all of the countless sound-forces of the universal are without known boundaries.

No matter how some scientists or religious scholars may account for the universe, the obvious fact is that the "unknown" and Inconceivable could not have a maker and neither a beginning or end. Being The SOURCE of all that is or could be, we have approached what is not conceivable. Some call the Inconceivable God, Allah, Spirit, Source, Tao, The Big Bang, whatever... Same idea.

The realms of intention and sound have layers we have barely scratched the surface of. Every object mankind has formed is by the vehicle of intention from the mind's ideas. These ideas form things that have frequency as well as sound. The sounds we have all around us in form, wave, thought, intent, and so on, are countless weavings, like a web.

The focus point of our awareness at any given time realigns sound internally and externally, this is how we affect our world and how our world affects us. 

Certain sound intentions can and do reshape the brain's material, the body's synergy, and the surrounding circumstances of our environment.

Intentions too can and do transcend the visible and tangible world (physical world). Intention is a force that can carry the totality of who and what we are beyond many "veils".

When for example a Shaman is Trekking the Void's edge, they are basically shifting their own reality-being, which fundamentally is really the Universe acting as a shape-shifter through the human vessel.

The Universe shows up through all things everywhere, all the time, through all times, all spaces, and through the very nature of no- space and no-time, which is THE Void.

There are many techniques and practices that can help us to tune in to the various universal force/frequencies. These practices of awareness shifting are potentially dangerous but they are also potentially healing and advancing along our Universal destiny.

Here are some Realms we can traverse:

Dreaming state
Waking state
Deep sleep state
Transcended state where the 3 (dreaming, wake, and deep sleep) are lucid travels consciously.
Earth realm
Spirit realm
Animal Realm
Plant Realm
Angelic Realm
Other worldly being Realm (galactic systems)
Human Realm (of relationships)
Shadow Realm (the place of hidden and subconscious forms)

Aum/OM is the universal essence of all of these realms, it isn't just a sound made by the mouth's placement and breath. OM/AUM is the state of BEING where all realms, things, ideas, forms, places, faces, and potentials can be realized. Since OM itself is the essence of the universe's frequency, it itself is pure of all that it creates, it stands alone though it stands beneath, through, and all around the many other intentions that sound-forms be-come.

By Corwyn Jones 2022