A New World Order!

Often, for healing on the deepest levels, at the root causes of illness and dis-ease, the entire system of the thing or human has to be cleansed and reset.

This kind of Deep cleanse is fast approaching mankind and our Earth. We can no longer get away with polluting our Earth, ourselves, and each other with the toxins and crimes against brotherhood and love.

Love is not just an emotional sense that humans feel, love is power, Almighty, and nothing anyone can really give borders to. Love is God or whatever universal Source you name it. Love will cleanse the Earth and heal all things in it.

When Jesus for example, according to biblical narrative, was transformed before 3 of his brothers on a mountain (The Transfiguration); The Universal Spirit gave a glimpse of The New power rising on Earth.

The new power rising is also the catalyst along with eternal forces that are speeding the End of an old world to awaken a New Earth.

When Jesus was transformed, his body became the light and substance that all creation and the universe dwells in. There is a substantial consciousness that resides in and through all things. That universal consciousness is all light and yet also the void that created light. The universal consciousness or God, is without maker or borders, without limit or confined by the concepts of any mind.

When Jesus's body became that "substance" or rather transformed into its actuality, it was a preview and glimpse of "The Kingdom's glory".
The ancient prophets Moses and Elias (Elijah) were also shown in a kind of splendor, a splendor that defies the known borders of the physical world. There is a truth that says, "the veils between the physical world and spirit are thin".

The Kingdom here referred to, means the New Power that gives way to a healing and New Earth. "The Kingdom" is also the catalyst for the Great Cleanse arriving! - 2 Peter chapter 3

The universal substance, the one substantial consciousness has already determined all of these things, and many seers from many historical origins have been allowed to peer into and share these truths.

Jesus is a great example on many levels, but he is but one of many who have shared the vast potential and love capable within mankind.

As world events turn closer to "The Great Cleanse" it will become more apparent that eternal forces are behind the guidance of the overall narrative at play.

As these shifts continue to occur the nature of the "Transformation" will be more apparent also. Humankind has ruled one another to its detriment, and "The Kingdom" in all its wisdom and love cannot allow that to continue. What Jesus showed his friends on that mountain was "The Revelation" and Power of what a "New Creation" and New Earth have guiding it. No longer will mankind need to fear or worry about being under the rulership and guidance of the wicked and the hauty. The New Power rising in The Earth is the universal substance breaking forth to reclaim mankind's true inheritance among the cosmic union of all planets, galaxies, and star systems. Aligned by the will of The Universal Source aka Creator or God, whichever is less difficult for you to call "IT", The New Earth that rises out of the ashes of the old will fulfill the destiny of all true prophecy.

Copyright by Corwyn Jones 2022