Atonement is a word that we have heard often in the churches and temples, but what it really means has been mysterious to most but the mystics.

Atonement in its root meaning, means to atone, to make at-one-ment, to mend the broken or separation that is union.

Since union is in itself already one, there was really never a separation, except in our minds and in our hearts. Since the body reflects the mind and heart, the "separation" also manifests in the body, and we call this "disease".

The church officials or the patriarchs of many traditions may have imagined a divine being, master, Saint, or savior that makes the separation whole by their devoted sacrifice. This understanding of a savior that sacrifices for the at-one-ment of all, is somewhat contrary to the truth. It is true that devotion, love, sacrifice, and compassion mend the broken, what is untrue is that only one human or one being can make that journey for all. Each soul has the same path because we are One creation, one universe, one energy fundamentally. In other words, faith in you my savior will not allow me to become like you or even one with you, until I too become "a savior" also.

Union or oneness is not just a fancy concept of enlightenment, union and oneness in truth means that we are all in the same boat, we are all of the same fabric though we are woven differently.

Jesus for example never really taught that he alone was the universal savior, those who formed a religion out of his name however did make him an idol unfortunately. It is unfortunate that he was made into an idol, because an idol is not the truth. The truth is alive and it lives through our everyday experience, it lives through our own eyes. The real biblical Jesus taught that we are all of the same spirit fundamentally, we may call that God or Universe or whatever, but THAT is our root and our essential essence. Being that we are ALL fundamentally THAT, union is not something we have to do or become, it is not something another does for us, it is what we have to come to appreciate to truly become aware of Atonement or at-one-ment.

At-one-ment (Atonement) is The awareness home.

We can bark all day long and sing many hyms, read many books, and quote all of the known and found scriptures, but at the end of the day, Atonement or salvation depends on our hearts. Our hearts tell us if we will accept and appreciate one another as our brother and sister in love and compassion, in humility and in enduring patience. Jesus, says, "we are ALL Jesus/himself". We are all the savior of our own hearts, by the willingness to appreciate that we are ALREADY One.! Your God, you, and your neighbor could never be 3, you are One with various states of vibration, pattern, weaving, but still one. When we are willing to see each other as ourselves, and as our "saviors" we open an awareness that SAVES souls! We open The Universal God into our everyday experience of self and other. Idols can not do that, and will Not save any soul, much less themselves. Many will attest that they will not become idolatrous with their brother, but they will quickly make idols of celebrities, doctrines, beliefs, and even idols of their own ego. Humility like love believes everything, because it has only one eye ( I ).

It was not hard for those that actually loved Jesus to believe in him, not because of the miraculous manifestations or because of his charm and good looks; they believed in him because they loved him, they trusted him because they loved him, their faith was love.
At first, It was difficult for them to associate a savior or God to the imperfections they witnessed, but their love of him gave them ears and eyes to observe the truths that bled through him and into themselves. They, the few who would go into unknown territories of awareness, came to realize that they themselves were also the Truth, faith, love, and salvation they saw in their brother (Jesus).

To see your sister, brother, friend, parents, neighbors and all creation as your God, your Jesus, your savior, is all together another dimension of awareness. In that state of awareness, there is only God, there is only faith, hope, enduring patience, and most of all Humility. This kind of awareness is what epitomizes what we call "love". In the book of Genesis, Cain asks God, "am I my brother's keeper?" Though there was no answer to his question written, we know that "God", says, You're DAMN RIGHT, YOU ARE HIS KEEPER! You keep your brother's soul by the union, by the humility of love and at-one-ment. Each of us holds each other's soul in our own heart, you that read this are not some stand alone being that requires only yourself, you are substantially ALL OF US, your energy field is what we are all part of, universal. That is what Salvation means, that we honor the union that we already are. We treat each other, the Earth, animals, and all things with this sacredness. We do not wait for a  church sermon, an idol, a doctrine, a book, or prophecy to show our faith in the union.

Your faith that we are But One, is the salvation in itself. The faith that Jesus, along with other seers and prophets, even to this very day, are but true mirrors of your own essence. The thing that a mystic or seer does that most humans are unaware of doing is that the seer or mystic will allow their limited awareness to expand into UNKNOWN and even Unknowable territory. They will allow humility to TAKE THEM into vastness Unfathomable!

I thank all of my mentors especially brother "G", family, friends, enemies, lessons, fears, hardships, truths, and joys for their tutelage along my personal and universal journey.

Copyright by Corwyn R. Jones 2022