The Love of self.

At first glance, most people assume that self love must be some kind of twisted self consumed arrogance in oneself and abilities. They think  self-love automatically must mean self vanity. That is Incorrect.
Self-love as it truly is, in true love, is not a vanity or arrogance, it is the acceptance and the gratitude in being. In being a living entity and a presence of love itself.

In truth, when we say that we love others, and yet we cannot seem to truly love ourselves we are lying, unknowingly lying to the self and ofcourse to others. Love begins within and it spreads outwardly, For Example: if a parent claims to love their child yet does harms to themselves by a reckless or unhealthy lifestyle, then ofcourse the child also suffers. In the denial of self-love the parent unknowingly harms the child they claim to love. The parent may desire to love their child, but their actions in self-harm are saying everything but.."I love you". This is true in any relationship, if i truly Love you, then my self-love is most evident, and my love for you has no contradictions or conditions.
The love of self is the love of others and all things, because love itself is the acceptance and gratitude of ALL including the self that is the witness of the all. How can you the observer love what you observe and yet hate the source of observation... SELF?
It doesn't work that way, you must love yourself first in order to truly and honestly love anyone or anything else. Any other path of "love" is a lie and deceitful, it will claim false-love all day long and yet it has never loved. Love is gracious, merciful, kind, fair, patient, redeeming, it has infinite space for others and self, and it does not coward from justice. 
Loving yourself is healing, it heals the self obviously, but it also heals others. Self-love heals others because in the state of love true love is expressed, love is shared and transmitted from you and through YOU.
If I hate myself and yet claim to love you, you will notice many contradictions and conditions, you will notice an underlining of  "hate" in my so called love for you. If I love myself FIRST you will notice a free and liberated quality in my love for you, it will feel light and always available when you call on me, it has no alterior motives or conditions. 
Self-love does NOT require the other to love "me first" then I can love you. Self-love, loves me first and it does NOT require your love for me FIRST before I love you. 
In truth.... I LOVE ME, That is WHY I LOVE YOU, Because True LOVE is oneness, we are all but ONE.
If you love yourself be kind and patient with yourself, be good to yourself in every way. If you love others, be kind to others, be patient with them, be good to them, love them in every way beneficial. The path of true Love however BEGINS IN YOU!

Be well, whole and blessed anyone who stumbles across this website and or this page...  be blessed deeply, you and yours!

Copyright by Corwyn  R Jones 2018