The Empty Force...

The empty force is not really empty though it appears so. The void that is all things.

The empty force is a clarity, it is an insight, it is a revelation, its seeing is its powerful secret.

The empty force changes the bone, blood, and flesh by its repeated application, the vitality flows.

The empty force can penetrate through any obstacle, it can "hit a cow over a mountain".

The empty force has no equal in combative or healing modalities.

The empty force is even respected by angelic forces and higher other worldly beings.

The empty force is a discipline and a humbling.

The empty force can not be attained by the ego alone, it is realized by sincere efforts made through enduring practice.

The empty force will take you as its own, showing you that you have not really attained it, "IT" has attained YOU!

WARNING: This training is not beneficial to the ego maniac, skeptic, or destructive soul. It will bring to you Your Karmaic debts speedily. Please do not confuse true empty force training and application to the shams, fake, and ineffective examples mostly observed on the internet . Authentic ling kong jing is not pseudoscience, it is the technology of applied physics and subatomic  physics. The physical body must be trained along with the mind and spirit.

"Chi/qi/ruach/prana, all mean energy, vitality, and life force. It is everywhere in all things. The quality and power of  Chi, qi, Ruach, prana comes down ultimately to its application. HOW you use your body-energy is what will determine its quality, power, and effectiveness. The secret to extremely refined energy is in Refining YOUR APPLICATION of it."

God, "the big bang", either or both... energy, matter, space, time, everything and nothing would still be "THAT". We speak of the empty force as simply the force that is "THAT", it is everywhere and everything, it only seems to move because we give it attention. That attention is why we call it a "force". It does not actually move, it is space itself, it is matter itself, it is energy itself. CJ

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